Vasectomy Vs Tubal

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JF - May 16

My husband and I have decided that we don't want any more children after I give birth and are considering permanent options which is easier? Would this be easier for my husband to get a vascetomy or me to get a tubal?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 16

I've always heard the vasectomy is easier and cheaper.


JF - May 16

Thanks! does my husband go to a special doctor? Who do we call for the surgery?


Heidi - May 16

Call your regular clinic and say your hubby wants a vasectomy. I think his regular doc would probably do it. They do it right in the clinic, in and out. No big deal. I think they might have one of the physicians who specialize in urology perform it more than likely. Just might take a week or two to get in to see him, or maybe just a regular physician. I think my friend said their regular doc did her hubby's. Snip snip and they're out the door. My mom watched her hubby get snipped. She said it was awesome. ha ha! And her regular doc did his. In and out. They're numb for a bit so make sure you have some frozen bags of peas ready for him later :)


Heidi - May 16

Oh yeah, they don't knock them out either. They just numb the area and cut away. He's conscious the whole time.


L - May 16

I know many men (including my hub) that have gone through vasectomies. The recovery was a piece of cake and MUCH more simple then a tubal!!!


toes - May 16

vasectomies are way easier, but I still don't wanna do it....:(((


Carol - May 16

Vasectomy is much better. tubal is major surgery so it carries all the ricks plus the recovery time, and the cost. Also a vasectomy is reversable, tubal is permanent. They are working on new ways to perform hysterectomies that are less invasive. I would choose this option if it were available. No more AF!!!!!! It would also help save you from other womens problems like endometriosis and cysts..


amanda.d - May 16

I was talking to my doc about that as this will be our last child as well.He had told me that now these days that a tubal is simople if done at the right time.A woman has a 6 month period after the baby is born where the doc just goes up your woo haw and snips and whatever else.Also if you want a reversal my doc said the actual outcome is easier and has a better chance of working with a tubal as opposed to a vasectomy. I am opting to get "fixed", as my hubby has to wear a crotch harness at work.My friends hubby has also had the vasectomy done and is now having problems. I personally think its to each there own.Good luck with whatever you decide.



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