Vbac What Does Everyone Know About It

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Misty - May 6

My doctor just told me at my appointment today that if I were to give birth naturally after having had my c-section that I stand the chance of having my uterus tear. I had heard this before but I didn't think it was a big deal. Then she tells me that I have more of a chance of getting hit ny a car then having it tear so it isn't too bad (but I disagree with that because car accidents happen all the time). Then to kick it off and throw me into a near panic she says that if my uterus does rupture it is not a minor thing and both me and my baby stand a chance at dying from it. I just thought that hospitals were more equiped to handle things like this and I didn't think you were so likely to have your uterus tear. Anyone know if she was right? If so I will probably just go with a scheduled c-section. Having a healthy baby is the most important thing, much more important then being able to look back at the process that you overcame to bring your child into the world. I think it would be very satisfying to have a sucessfull VBAC, but I am just wondering if it is worth it to try it. Sorry so long.


Davida - May 6

I had a c-section 6/04 and am now 12 wks pregnant. I have an appt to see my OB next Wed and will ask about VBAC. I had two prior births that were natural and v____al and I was looking forward to having that experience again. If she tells me that it is not possible though, I'll trust her experience. I'll let you know what she says!


TX Girrrl - May 6

My SIL had two natural births after a C-section with no problems. They probably need to be handled on a case-by-case basis, though.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

I've had 2 C sections and am planning on a 3rd. A very close friend of mine is going through the great VBAC debate with her hubby as I type this. 10 years ago, it was not the thing to do. 5 years ago it was the thing to do. Today, again (according to the latestresearch, as mentioned by my doctor) it's not the thing to do. You have a 1:250 chance of uterine rupture, resulting in possible brain damage to the baby or maternal/ fetal death. I'm not a risk taker, so that's why I opted for a repeat c section with my last child, and again with this one. With that being said, there are so many women who have had VBAC's - even after 2 c sections, that it makes me wonder if i've deprived myself of ever having the chance of a v____al delivery for no reason. Check with your doctor and find out what her success rate is at VBAC's and how many uterine ruptures she's had, and what the result of them were. :o)


Misty - May 7

Tiffani, thanks, I thought that was really good advice. I figured I would look up some info on the internet first so that when I went to talk to the doc I would know what she was talking about and I would know all the questions to ask. So, apparently there was new research done showing more women have uterine rupture then was originally thought. It is 1% of women who try to have a VBAC. That means 1 of every 100 women suffer uterine rupture. Then it says that once your uterus tears you have a 17 minute window to be operated on to keep you from bleeding to death and to keep your baby from having brain damage from lack of oxygen rich blood or perhaps even dying also. That is why they ONLY do VBAC's in hospitals that have anesthesiologists(sp) is them all the time. There is no time if something goes wrong and they aren't already there. Reading this I decided to go ahead and have a scheduled c-section. 1 in 100 are not odds I want to play with. Then to know that the operating doctor has to be awesome enough to save my baby and I both within 17 minutes? Not for me. Thank you all for taking the time to answer.



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