Veins In Breast

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JJ - December 21

i hear alot of women saying they can see more visible veins in there nipples and that really a sign of pg...i am supose to start af today or tomorrow and i have noticed more visible veins in my nipple and br___ts and even going up towards my this a good sign of pg or just af


JJ - December 22

bump...any sugestions


Christine - December 22

Its a sign...during pregnancy you have an increased amount of blood volume...which makes these veins stand out more...also usually the growth and fullness of your b___sts is a good sign to go along with this...good luck


Debbie - December 22

JJ- I posted a simular question about this the other day.... I have this vein that start from my armpit and goes to the other side of my almost looks like someone drew a blue line on me or something...thats how visible it is...I too was wondering if this is a sign of pregnancy because my husband and I are tyring for our first baby... my breat have not grown enough where I would think Im pregnant.. but the veins are sure noticable.....any suggesions?


JJ - December 22

yeah the only thing i noticed is the veins...haven't noticed anything else...i think i should have started af yester day...but waiting a few more days to be sure


... - December 23



Debbie - December 23

JJ- Some people say that it is a sign of pregnancy but I have not been experiencing any other period has been messed up for the past two months because I just got off the pill so I never know when my next is due...let me know if you come across anything more about the veins.. good luck and have a happy holiday!!


JJ - December 23

Thanks Debbie....i thought af should have been here the 21/22 but still nothing...took a test today negative...don't know if it is still to early to tell


Debbie - December 23

You usually want to test a week after your missed period, well thats what I have always been reading on here.... Last month I thought I was pregnant but whne I took the test it was negative..I tested after a week of my p__sed period...just give it a few more days and see what happens...keep me post.. good luck!!


JJ - December 23

yeah that is what someone else told me i did test today but i got a negative so i am just gonna wait and see what happens who know maybe af will show her ugly face sometime today...but i will keep you posted and let you know how it turns out =)


Debbie - December 23

JJ... okay let me know how everything turns out... it seems like you and I are going through the same thing... have a good holiday!


Car - December 23

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and there are sooo many visible veins in my b___sts's crazy. And they're red a lot of the time, because of all the increased blood...anyway, I don't remember for sure when I first noticed them, I think the first sign of pregnancy for me was tenderness. But for you, it sounds like it may be a sign...good luck!


Debbie - December 23

Car- Thanks for your input....Im going to test to test in the next two weeks and see what happens.. thanks for all your help! Have a great holiday and congrats on your pregnancy!!! =)


JJ - December 23

Thanks for the input Car....still no sign of are things with you Debbie...any other signs


JJ - December 28

hi debbie just wanted to give you an came on the 24th go figure on christmas i am not are things with you?


Beverly - August 17

Yea I am wondering if I am pregnant. I have sore b___st and have lost like 20 lbs in the past mth. I am a week late for my period but have not yet taken a test. But the one thing I am most worried about is throughout my entire body I have very very visible veins. They have never been this visible. Is this said true to be a sign or syptom of pregnancy and what causes it? I would appriciate yalls help. Thank you, Beverly


ashers - September 12

hi, i was wondering about the veins. I quit my bc 4 dys before I ovulated and have been having s_x quite frequently since then. I have had some nausea, sore b___st and now I have noticed that I have these bright blue veins all ini my chest and into my shoulder area. Is this a sign of pregnancy? Also, is it possible to get pregnant that quick after bc?



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