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KimmieB008 - February 7

I was wondering....when you are pregnant...are you veiny EVERYWHERE or just your br___ts? Because I have veins EVERYWHERE....I mean not only are my br___ts veiny, my legs, my arms, my face....EVEN the PALMS of my hands. I don't know what is going on? Should I go talk to someone? Is this normal?


livdea - February 7

I'd say you are normal! I'm not veiny EVERYWHERE but I've definitely gotten more veins showing up. Your blood doubles while you are pregnant so there is much more blood flow going around in your body. Especially if you are fair skinned it'll show up more. My belly is really veiny! But I like seeing all that blood for my baby!


Tye - February 7

Your blood flow increases by 80% and your veins get larger so you should expect to see veins all over-its perfectly normal and healthy. So don't worry! : 0 )


elizajane - February 7

i was just browsing on this board...i am ttc, AF is not due for another 2 days, but it is funny on Sunday I got out of the shower and the veins in my arms are so noticeable, i hope it is a sign, trying not to get hopes up though...


kimmieb008 - February 8

Thanks everyone. i keep looking it up online, and it seems like I am alone. I appreciate it. Anyone else having VEIN issues. :( And is there anything I can do?


LN030905 - February 8

Hey Kimmie!!! I actually asked a similar question the other day, I got out of the shower and the veins were REALLY showing in my b___st, through my chest, shoulder and down my arm. Three days earlier I was on my af, so I was a__suiming it wasnt due to pregnancy. Someone told me that if your fair skinned and you get cold, they will stick out. I hadnt ever noticed it before. I wouldnt worry about bc, like, everyone else said your veins are pa__sing more blood. My grandma and mom both haven them really bad in their legs...they say its from giving birth to three kids! You do seem really worried, so maybe you should call your dr and just ask to give you some peice of mind! Good luck!!!


KimmieB008 - February 8

Thanks. I am going to see. My sister actually told me that i look see-through. It is nuts. :(


amandababy - February 11

I have the same problem. My veins are on the inside of my legs, though. Right above and below my knees, few on my belly. Anyone know if these will go away?


KimmieB008 - February 13

I am having the same thing. My one leg looks like the Nile river is running down it. It is also the inside me my legs. It is nuts. :( How early did all of this start for everyone else? Mine did the first few weeks. Is that normal?


KimmieB008 - February 14



KimmieB008 - February 16

I have another question....does anyone get nauseous only when they are in the car? Because I have been okay, except for in the it going to get worse???


inchago11 - January 27

The first few weeks I was pregnant, my b___sts started to get veiny. Then my wrists, hands, and palms became veiny. Last night, my boyfriend pointed out that my bottom is getting veiny too. So, maybe it is normal. Plus, every pregnancy is different one way or another. But, if you're really worried, you should ask your doctor, just in case something is wrong. Good luck Kimmie :)



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