Veiny Breasts For 3 Weeks With Negative Hpts

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tayla - September 7

I hope someone can help explain this or at least give me a similiar story b/c I have no idea whats going on. My last normal AF was the 28th July. Around the 16th Aug I had pregnancy symptoms. I did HPT's with a negative. I brushed it off as a hormonal imbalance. My af came early (on the 25th, Im on a 31 day cycle)...I tested again...with a negative. One of the main things that caught my attention were the veins that developed on their br___ts, nipples, chest, upper thighs and stomach. Ive never had them before, not even as a af symptom. Ive had them for 3 weeks now and they are not disappearing but becoming worse. What could be wrong with me. My cervix is also high, soft, closed and tilted. My CM is watery, white and chunky. I dont think Im pregnant b/c I havent had any other symptoms but these veins. PLease give me any advice, anything at all...Im thinking maybe a cyst? I just dont know...


georgina - September 26

Hi, my last normal AF was july14th and i have had 2 since then but they were very light, and since then and still to this day i have had huge veins in my b___bs, i have done test after test and they all say negative. i also have no idea whats going on. do you still have them? mail me. [email protected]


V - September 27

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that you guys aren't the only ones. My last normal af was back in July, in August it was late, barely lasted two days and was very light, It was followed by the worst b___st pain and skin problems I have ever had, and the veins. I have had a network of veins pop up on my upper thighs and huge veins going across my stomach continuing up over my ribs. The veins on my b___sts have also become more prominant, it almost looks like they bruised. To be sure I took and hpt and it was negative. This month I had horriable cramps, but then nothing but spotting, but my b___st tenderness has gone away, however the veins remain. I have an olive skin tone and I have never been able to see my veins very well under my skin and now I feel like I should tell people my skin tone is blue. I am also concerned as to what this could be a sign of . I have to wonder if maybe it could be casued by a hormonal imbalance of some kind or just plain stress? I guess I am in the same boat as you, I just want to know if someone could explain what is going on.


g - September 27

well i am seeing my dr tomorrow and i will be asking her about it. i have veins all over me popping out and being more noticiable. to boot i have a pooch forming that dosnt flatter me much! lol i will let you knwo what she said.


g - September 28

i went, and i have to call the GP tomorrow as they want to talk about it some more, i said i was a chance i was pregnant, but i doubted it, mainly because i cant feel anything hardening in my belly.. and i am sure by now (10 weeks since last normal af) there would be some firmness and i am slender so its not like i have to go though a few inches of insulation or anything. but i think they want do to a swab and a blood test to completly rule it out. which is annjoying as i really dont like people probing within my nether regions. if she tells me anything that may be of use to you i will let you know! especially about the b___b thing.. cause mine are still there.. 2 months on!



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