Vent Out Corner For The Preggers

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Shannon - May 11

I hate feeling sick all the time. I hate not being able to stuff myself with food anymore. I hate my boss who is an ass. I hate my neighbor's dog (she makes my dogs bark for hours). I hate doing dishes. Heck, I hate doing house chores. I hate mosquitos. I hate the smell of peanut butter, it makes me gag. I hate feeling so much hate!


Davida - May 12

LOL!!! I hate that my nose is soooo stuffy that I officially become a mouth breather!!! I also hate the tatse ot saline spray in the back of my throat!!! Oooh that was fun!!!


Jen - May 12

I'm with you Davida!! So gross waking up with your mouth and throat all dry and nasty. Im sick of headaches and feeling fat, I can't stand being so tired, and I wish these months would just fly by.


Anna - May 12

I am tired of my hubby snoring on my ear!


Erin - May 12

I'm with you guys FOR SURE!! My nose is so stuffy all the time that I breathe through my mouth and my lips bleed b/c they're so dry. My hubby snores in my ear too...I've thought about putting my pillow over his head, but I'm sure I'd still hear it loud and clear!! LOL


Davida - May 12

Oh yes the snoring! While I am laying there in misery he is off in dream land!!! Typical!


Carol - May 12

I hate having to go to work.....


stephanie - May 12

I hate worrying about every little thing that could go wrong....I hate getting fat....I hate not being able to go out and have a few....I hate the snoring too.....mood swings.....crazy dreams.....dishcharge.....lack of fetal movement.....fetal feet.....swolen hands......headaches.....clueless B/F.......not being able to wear a bikini this name it....but I love, love, love, love my baby girl!!!! It's gonna be so worth it!


KrisD - May 12

I hate the headaches... I hate the heartburn... I hate my expanding rear end... I hate 'outgrowing' even my maternity clothes.. I hate buying maternity clothes... I hate all those teeny slender women waltzing around in tank tops in the sun... I hate getting out of breath from climbing 5 stairs... I hate gagging everytime I brush my teeth... I hate the smell of just about everyone I talk too... And what with all these new moles I am getting... I hate those too.


Sis - May 12

I hate having to pee only 5 minutes after I just finished peeing!!! I hate being hungry all the time! I hate my back hurting when I iron clothes. I hate my boyfriend for screwing up at the beginning of my pregnancy. I hate being thirsty all the time too! Shoot!


Carol - May 12

I hate hunger pangs as they make me very sick! I hate having to sleep on my sides all the time. I hate not being able to smoke a cig. I hate having to drink so much water. I hate these pimples I now have!


Lovely - May 12

I hate my old stretch mars... I hate fearing the new ones... I hate my chin hair.... I hate people asking me "what are you having?" I'm having a BABY, dammit! I hate my big ugly b___bs, where my nice ones used to hang... I hate being tired all the time, when I used to be quite active... I hate only being hungry for c___p food, when it should be salad and fat-free protein... but I love people opening the door for me, like I would break if I had to do it myself... I love the way old women look at my belly, then smile with their souls into my eyes...I love it when my 5 year old son pats my belly and yells 'hello, in there!' .. and I love knowing that we are so blessed with a baby again, when so many women aren't so lucky to be able to complain about being pregnant.


Lynn - May 12

I hate sore bbs & I hate when they're not sore & I start to worry that something is wrong. I really hate those stray F**cking cats that run around my house & cause my dogs to put hole sin my screens trying to go after them. I hate the 29 days inbetween doctors appts when I worry that everything that could go worng actually has gone wrong. I hate that husband tells me yesterday that i am "getting wider". I used to hate my husband snoring next to me.. now I just kick his a__s out of bed. That's what guest bedrooms are REALLY for!


Lynn - May 12

Another thing that is really getting to me is all the STUPID people who come to this site with the same d__n question: I'm on the pill and my boyfriend c_mmed inside of me, could I be pregnant? No you dumba__s - that's why you went on the pill in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessie - May 12

Lynn, Dont spoil it for others please. I understand your frustraion, I feel the same way about some questions. But I have asked questions I am sure some one has already asked. Thats what this is for.


Lovely - May 12

And I hate that people like Lynn aren't around to give me the good laugh I need, all the time, when I need it!


Karen - May 12

I with you all the way ladies. What I hate the most is the fact that my b___st are getting bigger and my belly is going no where, because of this my maternity shirts are now too tight in the b___st area. AND I HATE THE DAM HEAT !!!!!! but love my precious baby BOY !!!!11



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