Vent Out Corner For The Preggers

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Karen - May 12

I with you all the way ladies. What I hate the most is the fact that my b___st are getting bigger and my belly is going no where, because of this my maternity shirts are now too tight in the b___st area. AND I HATE THE DAM HEAT !!!!!! but love my precious baby BOY !!!!11


Heidi - May 12

Hey this looks like fun! My turn....I hate that we live with my parents and two 50 year old lazy brothers while our house is being built....I hate that my boyfriend snores and denies it when I kick him....I hate that he's stressed and crabby all the time....I hate the headaches....I hate that I gained more than I'm supposed to and feel sooo unattractive right now....I hate not being able to wear tiny shorts and cute tank tops....I hate these jug b___bs...I hate how my boyfriend stares at them like they're candy or something....but I love my dog. He's been so great during all this :) He's my snugglebunny. He keeps me sane. I call him my first child! My boyfriend said he doesn't know who'll have it better, the dog or the baby, and I sarcastically said, well it definately WON'T BE YOU!


Karen - May 12

Lovely where have you been. Really missed you and HATED not reading your posts for a while. OH yea and I really now hate that dam "Britney Spears" post that keeps coming up. F**K get over it now !!!!!!!!!!!


Karen - May 12

I dont think I should have read this post. I have a dam yeast infection and I really hate that. I look at bf and think that SOB should share some of these things. He gets to relax and wait for the big day. The other he almost made the MISTAKE (stressing almost) of telling me I got bigger. He knew better. I was going to say you A****** how do yo uexpect me not to. I eating every f**king two hours and too tired to excercise. If you wanna live to see this baby you matter walk on egg shells from now and you no prince charming pokke belly. HAHA. But he did not give me the satisfaction I think he sense it coming.


Missy - May 12

OHHH OHHH MY TURN MY TURN!! I hate itchy skin. I hate pimples. I hate my skinny jeans. I hate beautiful women because I don't feel beautiful anymore - I feel fat and pimply. I hate green apples. I hate cellulite and I hate even more that I am the only one who sees it on my a__s and thighs. I hate that my fiance can be so awesome sometimes and always knows when I need a hug because sometime I just want to kick him and b___h and moan. I hate when he is not awesome because then I want to kick him and b___h and moan but at the same time I want him to suffer while I be the better person. I hate heartburn. I hate that I love chili and jalepenos but they don't love me back anymore. I hate that ice cream helps my heartburn so much but makes me get fat. I hate that I hate. Whew - I better just stop now before I write a friggin novel. Thanks Shannon for the opportunity.


LESLIE - May 12

I hate that now that I am starting to tell people(not close friends just people I know) that I am pregnant "they pretend" to be happy but inside them..they are just thinking something else...and I hate when they ask ..who is the dad?..are you guys married?...does your family knows?...does he has kids??..was he married?? are you financially?? don't think you are too young?..are you prepared?? dam I hate it!!* is like SHUT THE F**CK, IS MY LIFE!!!!!


Davida - May 12

Oh...Oh..Oh!!! I hate that my husband is having more mood swings than I do and that he is gaining weight too but that it looks good on him!!!


Stephanie - May 12

You guys are sooooo funny!!! Since I won't be ttc until next guys are making remember all the c___ppy things about being pregnant!!! *But you all will be great moms*!!!


Lynn - May 13

Jessie - lighten up sweetheart. This is a place for us to vent without having to worry about getting everyone ont his site offended. So instead of posting on those threads where they ask "could I be pregnant" I vent about it here. I don;t think this was intended to be censored. If it offends you then use the "Poor Taste?" icon and get rid of it.


Lissi - May 13

I'm sick of people telling me I look tired! I never get more than 2 hours sleep because I can never stay comfortable for long and wake up with pains in my hips and b___tocks, that only go away if I walk around for half an hour. OF COURSE I'M TIRED! As if I didn't already feel bloated and unattractive enough without people telling me I have big bags and dark circles under my eyes! BASTARDS! Oh, and another thing! I now have what Lovely quite rightly dubbed as Franken Nipple!!! What's worse, I only have it in one b___st so far, so they are not only ugly, they are uneven! I used to be proud of my b___bs. :(


Lovely - May 13

Damn the curse of Franken-nipples!


Lynn - May 13

I hate the fact that my b___bs grew 1 cup size right at the beginning & have stopped. I thought for once in my life I might actually be able to enjoy some jugs for ONCE!


Heidi - May 13

I hate my b___bs. I want my B cups back. I'm not sure what they are now. C or maybe even D!!!! I still wear my B bras and they just spill over. I love wearing my tank tops though. They stick right out, but so does my belly so I look kind of funny. I just hide behind the shopping cart and wear a low neck shirt. Ha ha!


Lynn - May 13

Good for you Heidi! I am a C now - barely. I was what I kindly term a B-Flat before. I was hoping the bbobs would come before the belly so I could look like a hot mama - but that's not happening.


nelly - May 13

I hate the rib pain and the back pain. I hate having to pee every 20 minutes, I hate not being able to breathe and never getting to rest when I need to. I hate that there is never anyone around to rub my back I hate that I am gaining so much weight and I hate that I cant go to Florida.


toes - May 13

I hate that after a day at work and then hitting the gym in the afternoon, my 9 month pregnant wife expects ME to find something to eat, THEN gets upset that I just fix one TV dinner!!!!! Just kidding, wanted to see what would happen with that. :))



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