Vent Out Corner For The Preggers

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may - May 19

I hate that my thighs and arse have expanded out of all proportion... no one warned me... and what's with all the cellulite!!!! ??


Kim - May 19

Also, why are people that aren't even pregnant on this web site?!?!?!?


to kim - May 19

what a b___hy thing to say...women are here to get help and advice wheter trying to conceive or already pregnant...if you dont like non pregnant women on here, then go joing the trimester forums! i hate people like you who think that just because they are hormonal and pregnant dont have to bite their tounges and just say whatever the hell they feel like saying! i wish you the best of luck!


MAry - May 19

omg I just love all you guys :).. I been coming on here off and on for a few mos.. you all are so cool


Jessie - May 19

I love being pregnant, but I do have a much less tolerance for rude, ignorant, and b___hy people, I am not sure if I like that part or hate it???


Eryn - May 19

I hate that I just got my wisdom tooth pulled and they couldn't give me any pain medication because I am pregnant. I am dying of pain! I hate that my b___bs are leaking already and I hate that I have to pa__s all the cute summer outfits at the mall because I can't fit into them.


P - May 19

I hate that my baby is over two months old and I STILL LOOK PREGNANT!!!! (I win don't I? lol) Everyone keeps telling me that the weight will "fall off" since I'm b___stfeeding. Lying sacs... Btw I'm here cause y'all make me laugh and I might have some info that would be helpful to someone that doesn't have some stupid-a__s "I looked at a really hot guy; could I be pregnant?" question.


leslie - May 19

ok what I am really hating this past weeks is the following..I can't watch sad movies 'cause I cry, I can't wach news 'cause I cry, I can't watch, soap operahs 'cause I cry, can't watch a homeless 'cause I really cry!! 'can't watch homeless cats 'cause I cry, can't watch people been unfair to other people 'cause I wanna cry..I feel sorry for everyone and everything..I feel sorry if I see a dead cocoarach!! (sp) All I can watch are cartoons!! and if Winnie the pooh has no honey to eat I feel bad!!!!! I hate it


Lynn - May 20

O.K. Ladies, can we please not turn this thread into an all out war? The intention of this thread was to give us all a plcae to come to to speak our minds and not be attacked by others on this site. So PLEASE at least on this thread, restrain from attacking individuals. It ruins the atmosphere here.


Kaz - May 21

Alrighty Then.......I hate Stupid Questions, I hate Stupid Kids....I hate being 38wks preg and considering that in 12 freakin years time my child could be having s_x......I hate having a d__n good pregnancy to find out in the end that the lil buggar is breech, now wondering if I was before this time, if I'd be one of those poor women meant to die during childbirth. Should this be the end for me?........I hate having troubles getting my left sock on, now knowing its due to the position of the baby........I hate that my baby thinks its a well as having no sense of direction......I do love the fact that there are so many wonderful people out there, although I may never meet them but it's refreshing and encouraging to know you're all there. Cheers


to lynn - May 21

i agree with keeping this post what is was initially intended for, but i do agree also that kims whole thing about why are women who arent pregnant at this site quite rediculous...and totally unesa__sary (sp) anyways, i just wanted to point that out ( not trying to start an argument in any way ) i hope everyone has a nice day!


mandy - May 24

This is great - I hate that I sit up late at night worrying about my decision to have a baby - I hate that my beautiful clear skin is gone - I hate that I paid 5,000 dollars for perky b___bs and now they are ugly and drooping again - I hate that I spend time thinking about how I am going to work out and starve myself after the baby so I can get my body back - I then hate myself because I hate being so shallow and self obsessed - I hate thinking that I shouldn't have decided to become a parent again because my son is 10 and I was halfway finished - I hate having to take daily 3 hour naps because then I feel lazy - I hate all this anxiety when I should be so joyful - I hate thinking I have made a big mistake by changing my life so drastically, when I should be happy I am so blessed - I hate gaining back the 20 pounds that I worked so hard to get off - I hate looking at last years summer vacation pics with me in a bikini when I was only 17 % body fat - I hate being scared that I will NEVER look like that again. okay, sorry this has been so vain and shallow, but I needed to say it.


Tracy - May 24

I am so so so glad this was started. Things that get on my nerves right now are the following. 1-my husband snoring up a freakin storm 2-I can't go 2 hours during the night without peeing 3-That my b___bs are like double D's, and I almost have to throw them over my shoulders to wash under them 4-That my poor son (3 1/2) calls my b___bs mountains!!! 5-That my husband thinks if my shirt is off then the b___bs are supposed to go in his mouth!!! 6-I agree with the person who said that it irrates them when someone says "do you know what you are having"? or "Since you have a boy I bet you want a girl". No; I want a healthy baby so there!!! 7-AND finally I hate the fact that I hide some of my favorite foods so no one else will eat them!!! For ex., My mom made a pie for me, and I put whip cream on it so my husband would not want it (he hates whip cream). I keep thinking how can I be this way yet it does not stop me!!! We were TTC for about 8 months so I am so happy to be having a baby, but it does feel good to vent some. I know once I see my healthy baby I will forget everything.


Susan - May 24

THIS IS WONDERFUL! I HATE the heat! I hate it! I hate it when people tell me "awww that outfit makes you look so pregnant - it's SO cute!" Screw that - I KNOW I don't look cute! I hate that my hubby can't understand why I need 7 pillows! I realize there is now a huge pillow barrier between us, but dammit I CAN'T get comfortable without all 7 pillows!!!! AND I'm still not comfortable enough to sleep the whole night so then I HATE having to go to work and fall asleep at my desk and get woken up by the d__n phone! I hate sleeping so hard that I now 1. Snore and 2. Drool! 2 things I never did before! I HATE heartburn and being asked "what's for dinner?" I hate that I still don't know whether I am having a boy or a girl. And I HATE that every name that I like my mother says she hates! Ok - I feel better now thank you!



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