Vert Faint Positive But Af Cramps All Day

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jj - May 4

I got a very faint positive this morning! but all day today i feel like AF will be here any moment, i have had heavy cramping off and on all day....??? this ever happen to anyone???


d - May 4

yes. i have a very faint faint i questioned if i was even seeing it...and turns out...i'm pregnant! good luck!


jj - May 4

REALLY?? D?? cause i really keep thinking i wanted to see something so bad, that is why i seen the VERY faint line??? were u having AF cramps??? im so scared to go to the bathroom and see AF =/ it should be here today or tmw!!!


amanda - May 4

i had all the symptoms of my period. i expected to start any second, but didn't, took a test (the one that made the plus sign for positive, i think ept) and had a strong line for the negitive and a faint one crossing it. i had to look a couple times, and well, now I'm 7 months along.. good luck. i took another to make sure with same result.


Karen - May 4

Ok the heavy cramping is a concern. Are you spotting and these unbearable like really bad period cramps ? Domt mean to scare you but it could be the begining of a miscarriage.


sp - May 4

before I knew I was pregnant my period was about 13 days late and one night i started cramping bad, like I was going to start my period. I just knew i was going to start my period......21 weeks prego now! lol


Karen - May 4

Sorry,so that there is no confusion if the heavy cramping comes with light to heavy bleeding (not spotting) it could be a miscarriage. If your not bleeding dont worry. Good luck


d - May 4

jj - yes it was that faint that i thought i was seeing things. and i was and still am having cramps. i was SURE the one morning before i took the test that my period was coming. never did. i do have minor spotting,but have read that a lot of people do. keep me posted!


Ellie - May 4

Yes, I am pregnant and have cramps. I read somewhere that it is the uterus growing.


Tamara - May 4

Hi jj! I have the same, took a First Response test yesturday and there was a faint positive. I retested today and neg. so confused. I have some very light cramping on & off, my b___bs feel slightly enlarged and sensitive, i have slight lower back ache if sit too long, and nausea on & off. I hope I am preggo just like i hope you are. keep us posted. goodluck!


colleen - May 4

cramping is normal in early pregnancy. it's your ligaments and uterus making room for your little one. the cramps should be mild not severe and not accompanied by bleeding. Having both together can be a miscarriage, but the mild cramping is absolutely normal. many women describe it as feeling like af will come any minute, but she never shows! congratulations!



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