Very Confused Please Help

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Shannon - October 27

My husband and I had been TTC for months, and this morning I found out I am pregnant. Now I feel like I have made the biggest mistake ever! I am so scared and dont really know how to feel about things at this point. first thought was abortion. My husband is desperatly trying to change my mine but I know this is not what I want for my life right now. (We are only 20) and our marriage is by no means perfect. Please give me some advice on what I should do.


Never - October 27

A child is never a mistake...NEVER !!! You made the choice to have s_x and take a chance now you have been blessed with a life inside of you like some people on this forum can only dream of...You have a responsibilty now to do what is right... this child is a gift from God... If you don't want it, someone else will !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think seriously before you do something you will regret forever...............


name - October 28

There are mothers younger than 20 out there who I'm sure are far worse off than you that keep their babies and end up being great mothers.


D - October 28

Thats an oxymoron for you, TTC and then want an abortion


amd - October 28

I think you need to get your priorities in line. You were trying for a baby and now God blessed you with a life and you don't want it? What is wrong with you? That baby did nothing wrong and does not deserve to be killed because of your foolishness. I had a friend who was 14 and got pregnant, she was mature enough to have the baby and give her up for adoption. She gave the baby a chance at life. You cant just take a childs life away because you dont feel it's the right time. Do the right thing, if you dont want the baby, give her up to parents who will love her and want her. Don't do something stupid and immature such as taking her/his life.


Shannon - October 28

After a very long night of cyring, fighting and feeling pretty much husband and I have decided to keep our baby. I dont know what I was thinking with the whole abortion thing...I just freaked...which I have read online is perfectly normal. I just needed a few hours to think about my new situation and adjust to the thought of being a new mommy! I'm still not quite there yet...and I have no idea what to expect. I have never even been around babies and the thought of have my own is overwhelming! I still dont FEEL pregnant and it probably wont sink in that I really am until a few months from now. My husband has agreed to talk to a marriage counselsor and try to make thing right with US before we have our baby...and that does make me feel a little better about the whole situation. Thanks for your responses...I know we are doing the right thing.


E - October 28

Good luck Shannon:) I wish the three of you much happiness!! Maybe you could buy a few preggo books to help you get in the mood?


Shannon - October 28

I just bought "the mother of all pregnancy books" I like it...but it really focuses on the "not so thrilling" parts of pregnancy. I think I might get the What to expect one next.


Carly - October 28

I think marriage counseling in a great idea. Bringing a baby into a marriage that is already shaky, will only make your marriage worse.


E - October 28

My fav book is the Mayo Pregnancy Guide. I like no frill books with pictures and explanations, not personal stories and vague interpretations. The book is a hardcover and I got mine on eBay for $1, used but in great condition. Brand new is around $65. I have an extra "What to Expect" if you want it. It is in great condition and I can send it to you Media Mail if you are in the US. Email me at [email protected] with your addy if you want it. I would love to send it to you if you live in the US!


Shannon - October 28

Thanks for the offer E...but I just found out I'll get one for free when I pick up my prenatals husband is in the military and when I went to the base this afternoon for my blood test they told me I'll get lots of free baby stuff when they confirm my pregnancy. Thanks again though!


E - October 28

That is so cool and you are very welcome.



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