Very Hot Baths During The Pregnancy

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Patri - April 27

Hello, I allways take very, very hot baths, also during my pregnancy (I am 22 weeks now) Everything is looks great with the baby, but I am so woried now, about those very hot baths!!! Maybee my baby is handicapped now, trough the hot baths!!! :-((((((


Maddie - April 27

I know that a lot of women have been on vacation, and been in jacuzzis while pregnant, which is worse than a hot bath. Also, hot baths are bad for the baby, (did you read about nueral tube defects?) But, it would show up on your sonogram, and also I think something that serious would cause the baby to miscary well before your 22 wks. Don't worry, if the bath wasn't too hot for you, and you didn't pa__s out from the heat, the baby should be fine. I'd google some info though, just for comfort.


Mary - April 27

I own a hottub and I have been using it daily until I suspected I was preggers. So I ask my doc the lowdown on hot baths and stuff and the daily use of my hottub - here is what he told me - Under no circ_mstances elevate the temp of your body to 100 degrees or more, either thru hot baths or fever, they both can be dangerous to the baby. To be on the safe side and to enjoy the benefits of a hottub set the temperature to 98 degrees or lower. If you feel you are getting hot, get out. Hot showers do not apply because it is very hard to elevate the body temp to above 100 on a shower as many body parts are not submerged in the water, allowing the body to cool itself, which cannot be done in a very hot tub. For those who have used hot hottubs or jacuzzis: staying 20 minutes in these will not likely increase your body temperature above 100. It is more likely that you got out of the tub before your body reached such temp - so please do not worry! (that is what my doctor said). He told me not to use the tub daily if the temp was above 100 and if I was so inclined to use it at high temperatures to stay in a limited amount of time and to try to leave arms and chest out of the water to help the body maintain a lower temperature - which sucks if you are in snowy upstate NY - so I have not used my tub until 2 weeks ago, when the weather got warmer - I lowered the temp to 98 and use it daily. Everything is peachy! And hubby and I can enjoy it together, which was the whole point of the tub to begin with! OK, I will shut up now! :)


Saydie - April 27

I dont think that it could make your baby handicapped, but i am 21 weeks and like you i do love a hot bath. i talked to my doc about it and read a bit on the subject, and concluded that it is not really a safe thing, but anything that can raise you body temp. is not safe durning pregnancy, but if your doc is sayin the baby is fine it propably is, i would just try to make bath not so hot.



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