Very Seriously Trying Gt Gt

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Caring - February 18

I am due to ovulate on the 21st of Feb. I am needing to know if I should have intercourse EVERY day up until then, or is it only necessary only on the 21st? ANY input will help! Thanks & congrats to those who are able!!


Mary - February 18

Just do it girl!


L - February 18

The first problem may be exactly what your post is labeled, Very Seriously Trying! You try too hard and you set yourself up for stress and anxiety!! I have known several friends that were using ovulation kits, charting and CM, and it just wasn't happening, until some of us girls told them to throw everything away, give it a rest and have fun with the s_x!!! WHAM! They were pregnant the next month, same goes for my parents when they were trying for me!! Nine months they tried and the minute they decided to give it a rest, they were prego the next month!! But if you're determined to chart you need to do it everyother day starting with days 10 and 12 of your cycle! Doing it the day of ovulation won't allow you your maximum potential, because it can take almost twelve hours for the sperm to make it's way up to the egg and by that time the egg may not be viable since they last for only 12-24 hours!! So you need to do it ahead of time to asure there's little guys up there waiting! and after, because you're never too sure when the body decides to ovulate!! Good Luck to ya hun!!! and I'll send baby dust your way!


tiffani - February 18

My best advice... buy a ovulation predictor kit (found near pregnancy tests and condoms) and when it detects ovulation, have a roll in the hay. Sometimes ovulation doesn't happen when we expect it to, that's why these are so great. Buy a box that has atleast 5 tests in it and start using them about the time you expect to ovulate or begin noticing signs. Worked for me the first time. :o)


Caring - February 18

Thanks soooooo much for your response. We "did it" last night and I plan on every two days or so. I am just ready! So it is necessary to have s_x days before and after you are suspose to ovulate? Thanks for your input!! I will stay posted!!


Quanda - February 18

You should relax. When the times right it will hapen.


Paula - February 18

Having s_x at least every 2-3 days worked for me. I had a miscarriage in April 2004 and got pregnant again June 11 2004 using that "method". Due in four weeks. :) Good luck to you.


eva - February 18

a womans egg lives 12-24 hrs only. sperm can live up to 72hrs in the v____a. have s_x every day 3 days before and 1 day after ovulation. if you "just do it" everyday, a mans sperm count will go down and your chance of concieving will be less


Caring - February 21

Thank yall alot for the advice. This is a GREAT forum!!


Caring - February 21

Well today is my ovulation day & I a__sume that I should continue have s_x a few days after as well? correct. I want to make sure that it happens. I am not stressing or anything I just have my hopes up a little!! Thanks guys for your response.


tiffani - February 21

Keep on having s_x every ther day for the next week, just in case you aren't ovulating when you suspect you are. Good luck! :o)


tiffani - February 21

That should read... every other. :o)


Caring - February 21

Thanks for that!! I am just trying to stay calm and not too over excited and worried. I have another question, today I am "suspose" to be ovulation, should I feel bloated and have a headche? I never have head aches. I am just asking! thanks again!! :)


Kay - March 1

I also am trying VERY hard to get pregnant after having a miscarriage Dec.8,04 , We have been having s_x every other day since my first normal period (2 full months of trying) Nothing has happened yet.I think trying too hard does not help (we were only unsafe 2 times before when I got pregnant,not even trying) Now trying this hard is getting us nowhere! It scares me to death, but I know how you feel. We need to relax. I heard getting an ovulation kit and having s_x every other day of the week your using the kit will work (then the sperm will be stronger)rather then doing it the whole month...we will try that this month!!!Good luck to you...PRAY, it does miracles!



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