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superduperhopeful - October 8

I've been wanting to get pregnant for a while but my boyfriend isn't all that into it. I'm on a medication that is safe for pregnancy but makes my body process medications faster. Apparently it can make EC less effective.

We had a condom break on the 8th of Sept, 10 days later I had brown discharge that lead into heavier bleeding-- I thought it was implantation bleeding but I took a HTP and had no line. I figured since it was 2 weeks early it must have been the EC.
 I gave up thinking for sure the results were accurate. A couple weeks later I had discharge that was extremely (sorry TMI) snotty with a stringing stretchy consistency. I had seen on some pregnancy forums that this was common, but again figured my mind was playing tricks on me.

I use the Flo app to track my periods and it says my next period is in two days. I've been SO EXHAUSTED these last few weeks. Yesterday all I wanted was eggs and bologna sandwiches (I HATE LUNCHMEAT). My friends were telling me that you can make yourself think you're pregnant. So again I kinda shoved away the thinking. Yesterday my lower belly felt so full, I went to play sports and took a video and I was like "jeez I look pregnant". Finally I decided what can it hurt, I"ll just take another one.

I see a very very faint line. I sent it to three friends and they all see it too (I tried not to say anything about what I saw and let them describe what they did.. it was all the same).

Here are some pics; I took this test very late at night so I'm thinking I should retest in the morning or maybe on my lunch break today?





Grandpa Viv - October 8

It sounds like you took EC after the condom break, and this was followed by an early "period" which is often the case. Two weeks later you had stretchy mucus which could relate to ovulation. Recently you have had some extremely faint hpt lines which sound  more like evaporation lines. I very much doubt you are pregnant, but since pregnancy hormones double every few days another test a week after the last should leave you with no doubt.

I'm sorry your boyfriend is not on the same page as you with regard to a baby. I read this as saying he is nowhere near ready for marriage. Please be careful not to end up as a single mother.



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