Vitamins How Much Is Too Much

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crackersforme - March 3

This is concerning trying to conceive through the 1st trimester (as I know that the 2nd tri changes what you need). Anyways....I don't have any 'specific' pre-natal vitamins...but I have a bunch of other vitamins. One being OneSource Complete. It DOES have the 400mcg of Folic Acid & 18 mcg of vitamin B12...but it also has 18 mg of Iron & 3500 IU (70%) of Vitamin A.....30% is as beta carotene...which I know is ok for the 1st tri...but is the other 40% of Vitamin A too much? I'm just wondering how much Vitamin A & iron is too much & dangerous.


SaraH - March 3

Vitamin A is one vitamin that you do have to be careful about you intake on. It is a fat soluble vitamin and you can overdose on it. It can be taken therapeutically (w/ monitoring from a Doc.) in a higher dose then the FDA recommends, however when you are pregnant you should not exceed the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for it. There are 2 main sources of Vita A. One of which is carotene. If I remember correctly from what I read when I was looking into it, eating veggies w/ beta-carotene (such as carrots and other orange veggies) doesn't really pose the risk that getting vitamin A from retinyl palmitate sources does (meats and dairy). This is because beta-carotene is broken down only as the body needs it where as the retinyl palmitate sources are absorbed if you need it or not. Anyways, that is about all I remember. I'm not sure what the RDA is on vitamin A is but I'm sure you could look it up by doing a quick search for it on Google. Remember that while it is fine to take supplements containing Vitamin A, you will also be getting some vitamin A from the foods you eat. As far at the Folic Acid and B vitamins, I believe they are water soluble and you'll expel whatever you don't need. Hope that helped some. Good luck ttc.


missycc4 - March 3

Walmart has over the counter pre-natal and I have to take iron two pills a day only because my iron is low. each iron pill is 324mg. if your iron is fine then you shouldn't need antmore then what your prenatal pills and and whats in your food. You should ask your Dr. The prenatals at Walmart are pretty good. the source is good I don't know the levels in the OneSource, but the prenatal has 800mcg of Folic acid, 8mcg of B12, the vitamin A is 4000 IU ( 50%)( 100% as Beta Carotene) Iron is 28 mcg. My Dr told me that taking this was fine.



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