Vitamins Before Pregnancy

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jal239 - February 21

I have been told that you should take specific vitamins when trying to get pregnant. My husband and I still have a little time before we really start trying, but I would like to know what vitamins to take & how long before you start ttc should yo start taking them. Thanks


Lumina - February 21

You should be taking a womens multivitamin daily. I took the "One-A-Days" which contain enough folic acid, and I am still taking them everyday and am 27 weeks prego. Folic acid is so important during your pregnancy, and also for a few months before hand to get it into your system. Make sure you take them with food because all the vitamins could upset your stomach. I hope this helps somewhat. Good luck trying to conceive!


m - February 22

You can start prenatals as early as you like. As a matter of fact, after I had my 2nd son, I knew I would want to have another baby, so I just stayed on mine after I quit b___stfeeding. So I have been on them ever since. I am 25 weeks with baby # 3.


Tiffany814 - February 22

I've been taking Prenate Elite (prescribed by doc) since November and my dh and I have been ttc our first since January. I absolutely love them- I feel so energetic on them- it may be in my head, but I noticed a difference in how I feel since I started taking them. Good Luck!


oz - February 23

I agree with the other women that you should take some form of multivitamin when you are about to start ttc. My dr said taking the folic acid only ones are fine if you ave a healthy diet as your body only absorbes from the vitamin what it doesnt get from your ordinary diet. We arent ttc just yet (soon) but i have been taking folic acid for about 8 months and i will then swap to a prenatal vitamin just before we start trying..


fltjt705 - February 23

I was told at least a month before you ttc. I take my vitamines seperately only because some vitamines cancell eachother out such as calcium and iron. If you take them together it seems to prevent absorbtion. I take folic acid, E, calcium with vitamine D, and Omega 3 Once I conceive I will switch to a prenatal vitamine



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