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amanda - July 12

ok....like ive said before i have been feeling the baby move at about the middle of my 16 week well normally it moves a little during the morning not much during the day and a little ant night but lately it feelis like the baby isnt moveing that much should i be concerned or not to worry??


Mommy 2 b - July 12

well most doctors will ask you at your prenatal visits if the baby moves much,(my doctor does) i am 33 weeks and sometimes it scares me too, when i dont feel her move.Just tell your doctor and im sure he will rea__sure you that nothing is wrong.Good Luck:)


:-) - July 12

It's too early to worry about how much the baby is moving at this stage. You should notice a more regular pattern after about 25 weeks. At the moment your baby is still very small and has lots of room to move around, so it could be that it is moving a lot but you just can't feel it, because of the position it's in. On average, movements aren't felt until 18 weeks, so you're lucky to have noticed it. If you're getting stressed by it though, go see your doctor. It's best to stay as calm as possible, for your baby.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 12

Since you began feeling the baby earlier than most, I would suspect that it was because of the babies position. Maybe the baby has moved recently, which explains the lack of movement you've described. Doctors are not usually concerned if you don't feel the baby everyday until 24 weeks or so. Of course, no matter what anyone says, you're gonna worry. Try to relax and mention your concerns at your next appointment. :o)


to amanda - July 12

Call your doc and express your concern. An ultralsound now would make you feel a whole lot better. If they don't want to then go to ER and have it done.


amanda - July 12

actually girls today so far it has been moving reg. in the morning not much in the afternoon and at night i think i might know why is because i was walking alot yesterday though so maybe that might be it because i noticed it moves alot more when im sitting and relaxed but im much more relieved now but thanx for all of your advice



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