Wait I Thought Tom Cruise Was Infertile

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J - October 6

I thought that was the reason he and Nicole adopted?


WOW - October 6

I am so glad you said that - I was under the same impression. I actually heard that's the main reason he and Nicole got divorced. Remember when she was pregnant and had a miscarriage - that's when it came out - he couldn't have kids. hmmmmm????


S - October 6

I always thought that too.


i always - October 6

thought she was too vain to have kids.


You know... - October 6

That may be the reason why he has been so "ga ga" over Katie. Maybe he thought he couldn't have kids and then she got pregnant. That would explain his goofy, stupid, "he man" behavior. God bless that poor child...and their baby too!


A - October 6

She is gorgeous. He is an elf. Happy divorcing to him and Katie.


Suebecca - October 6

LOL A! Well said!


S - October 6

I had hoped she would get away from that crazy freak, now it looks like she'll be stuck with him for quite a while


kellie - October 6

Yeah....I thought he accused Nicole Kidman of having an affair because she got pregnant and he was unable to have kids. Hmmmmm......something isn't right here.


Britney - October 6

What Katie is pregnant?!?


kellie - October 6

Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek)


Extra Extra!!! - October 6

maybe if you people worried about your own pregnancies and family, then celebrities lives wouldn't seem so interesting. Who really cares who's fertile, or how they broke up? What business is it of any of ours anyways? geez...many of you should write gossip columns! Hope you all sleep better tonight, knowing that you are on your way to solving the mystery of Katie and Tom's new baby conception! Aaahhh, so sick of mindless banter...and those who are so sour about others lives.


kellie - October 6

If you don't like it, read another post......we aren't hurting anyone!


well said - October 6

Extra Extra, read all about it! I agree with Extra. Get lives! You're not harming anyone? Okay, how would you like a thread specifically all about you, your private life, and other people's opinions? Kellie, this can easily be arranged...no harm intended.


J - October 6

It's called entertainment if you don't care about them then don't tune into the post. I find their lives very entertaining and I've been sitting around waiting to get this kid out! Reading about these stars makes me laugh! Don't take yourself so seriously.


kellie - October 6

To: well said. If you think you can dig up some dirt on me, be my guest! I'd love to see it!


to well said - October 6

No one really cares--it's just a discussion. When people jump on couches and make fools of themselves in the public eye by imposing ridiculous opinions on us, it's fair game for us to impose our opinions about them. You saw the question and posted anyway, so obviously you care too on some level. I'm sure everyone here "has a life," but sometimes we can discuss other people's lives too.



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