Waiting To Be Expecting

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ChildEyes - July 16

Hi Everyone, I been reading down through everyones questions and now I will write my own. I am a 24 year old whom just got married this past October. In the past month Myself and My husband is decied to try to have a baby. So we went to the doctor and discussed things with her and I started to take Folic acid a week ago. So I stoped taking my pills in the middle of the pack and now im waiting. Will I soon start my period? after that We should be ready to try right? Im just so excited to get pregnant. Im afraid its going to take a while. Has anyone had an experience where they went off the pill and then how long did it take before they got pregnant? I will appreciate all answers. thanks:)


ChildEyes - July 11

I keep checking back hoping someone will respond. All responces will be appreciated. Thanks


ca__sie - July 12

Give it a least a month for the pills to get out of your system. Im not a expert on this subject, But alot of people have said that it took a little while for their bodies to regulate on their own after stopping the pill. I it takes longer than a month, you should try asking your physician to give you a medication that will boost your cycle into progress. Good luck and baby dust to you!


Jess - July 14

I am 27 and have been married for just short of 4 months. I had been on the pill for over 8 years. I quit taking it in April. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. It all depends on your body and how soon you ovulate. It also depends on how strong your little guys swimmers are. So - you can get pregnant pretty quick. It only took me 2 1/2 months. Just don't focus on it to much. That tends to slow the process down.


Katie - July 16

Hi! I too am 24 and I was married in September 2003. We also have decided to try to have a baby. I was never on any birth control, just doing natural family planning. Good luck to you!!


ChildEyes - July 16

Thanks for everyones answers. Ill update with any news :)



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