Wanna Curl Up And Cry

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kiki - March 1

lately all i want to do is be alone and cry i been away from my mom for a year and i never missed her more. i talk to her everyday for hours but i need her here. im like a baby cry. wut can i do. i told my bf that she was my strength and i needed her in the labor room and he got mad. help no one understands my moodswings


Heidi - March 1

How far along are you? When I was around 4 wks pg I had horrible mood swings where I would just cry for no reason at all. Or things would depress me. Cheer up. It'll get better. After a couple days I quit with the crying jag and felt better. Where does your mom live? Is she close by where she can come and be with you during delivery?


rose - March 1

my mom was with me when i had my first...i wanted her there so i know how you feel...i was 18 and still needed her very much...do you talk to your mom often?


tiffani - March 1

kiki~ I'm 31 and still cry for my mom when i'm sick. My mom is my best friend, and I would be heartbroken too if she couldn't be with me while I was giving birth. If she lives far away, can you fly her in when your due date nears? Sounds like it would be worth every penny.


kiki - March 1

thanks for responding. my mom lives in nj im in fl with the news she plans on moving down here and i just cant wait. its just i feel depressed for no reason at all and i know she'll comfort me. shes my mom she knows everything!!


tiffani - March 1

Your welcome. Your t_tle inspired me to try to help. Is your mom moving before you deliver? How far along are you? Atleast, in your sadness, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, mom will be near you soon enough. Until then, reach out to all of us for support whenever you need to. xxxxx


A - March 1

I'm the same way! Most people think I'm pathetic because I rely on my mom so much but what do they know! My mom is everything to me and my husband is fully aware of that and has learned to accept it. Just finished preparing a room for my mom so she can move in for a bit when the baby is born to help me out. So try not to worry too much, if you can fly in your mom go for it!


~m~ - March 1

That mother-daughter bond is undeniable! Your bf should NOT be getting mad about you wanting her in there. YOU are the one going through labor and childbirth. While I believe the father should be part of the delivery, you should NOT be put under any additional stress. If he is going to make it difficult, threaten to leave him out of the room. It is YOUR call, and trust me, those dr's and nurses respect YOUR wishes before anyone else's! Don't let your bf convince you that he has a RIGHT to be in there, and you can't leave him out. The staff will let YOU choose. They don't recognize the "rights" of anyone but the patient. So if you tell them you want your mom in there, she'll be in there. Likewise, if you were to tell them you didn't want him in there, they wouldn't let him in. If you want your mother in there, then take her in there! I love my mom dearly. I can only handle so much at one time. But she is still a lifeline for me. Every time I get sick, I call her crying. All it takes to make me feel better is her saying "Awww, honey, do you want me to come take care of you?" Normally, I say no that's ok. But she still takes it upon herself to make me some soup or something and bring it to me. kiki, you do what is going to make YOU happiest. Good luck!



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