Want A Baby Not A Todler

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babylover - April 16

im 25.I have been married for 3 years and my husband and are ttc! Im pretty sure that I am pregnant this time ( this is our 3rd month of ttc ) and if im not then we'll keep trying. But anyways I know know know this sounds so BAD but when I think of having a child I get excited about a baby, and kind of the teen years... but not like a todler. Is that horriable? did any one else feel this way? what is like to have a todler ? I feel guilty for posting this but its just honestly how I feel....


To baby lover - April 16

Toddlers are the cutest most adorable things in the world.Thats when they really start to learn about the world. By the way there is no such thing as terrible two's. Just terrible preteen and teen. Ha ha


Foxy - April 16

Ha! Ha! It's funny because I love babies, toddlers and young children, but I can't stand teenagers. :-) They're a nightmare and I'm anticipating my life to be hell when they get to that age. If only they didn't have to grow up.


it's ok - April 16

Oh my goodness, you will CHERISH those toddler years - like crazy! It's those years that make you long to have another one. Babies are precious and need your TLC. Toddlers, well, gosh, they are so darn cute. You have nothing to be ashamed of in asking that question. It does seem like a "scary' "annoying" stage, but nope! It's not... It's great! Other peoples toddlers - well that's another story! LOL Perhaps that's why you feel like that!


babylover - April 16

thnx so much for your responces! it made me feel better


MizNusty - April 17

I was the opposite. I wanted a toddler but not a baby. I wasn't into the baby thing at all with my first. He's almost two and I've keep getting happier and happier the bigger he gets. It so much more fun for me. He can talk now and we can play games, a lot less crying. I am preg with my second and I just want to speed through the first year of that too.


Jill - April 17

I love babys too but now my daughter is three years old and she is so cool and so much easier no more diapers or bottles, toddlers are fun to watch ecspecially when they are yours. So now that I'm a week away from my due date I'm scared of taking care of a baby again can't wait until he gets bigger


Foxy - April 17

If you have a toddler in the house, you need never switch on the TV for entertainment again. They seriously funny! Even when they are having tantrums. :-) You'll love your baby when it gets to the toddler stage for the simple fact that it is your's and you'll have that special bond with it.


cc - April 17

i think it's normal to dread certain stages of your children's lives. everything changes when they reach that stage. you grow with your children, so when they reach different stages, you learn to cope and love them through it. don't feel guilty. just rest a__sured that you will love your child all the way through every stage.


Maleficent - April 17

don't let a bad experiance with some elses tantrum throwing devil of a 2 year old scare you. my son was a sweet and loving toddler, if i was sad he'd offer up his most cherished possesion to make me happy. i loved how he would clap and cheer when we pushed him on the swings. my daughter is 2 and thinks that she has super powers. i love watching her run around the yard with her arms out streached and how she thinks she can dissapear when she closes her eyes. i miss the baby days, but there is something magical about toddlers....even if they have to grow on you at first.


April - April 17

It's funny... i feel opposite of you... I'm scared about the baby year because I haven't been around too many babies... (but I'm sure I'll do fine)... and the teenage years are scary too cause I'm having a girl and I hear they're worse.. haha... but I looooooooove the todler years... i CAN NOT WAIT until my girl is a todler... they are sooo fun!! sure you have to watch them a lot... but that's when they're learning to talk... and they run around... they're just sooo cute! My neice is 1 1/2 and she is soooo fun to babysit! my favorite age for kids is between 1 and 3!


Jenn... - April 17

I think I know how you feel. When I see babies they just warm my heart and I want to hold them, but toddlers -they tend to make me want to leave the room. I am not worried about this though, I know it will be different when it is MY baby that grows into a toddler. I think you will feel the same way, you will have a bond with your child through every stage of life. You may be crazy in love with all the little things that you don't like about toddlers now. Good luck! and congrats!


Leahp - April 18

Hell, it's the teenage years I dread!! They become independent and embarressed by you, they never want to hang out anymore since they're so busy trying to fit in with their friends, and they also have that att_tude, it's the stage where you definitley have to say to yourself, this is the beginning of letting go, they grow up so fast!!! Toddler years are the best, plus they say the darnest things!


Liz - April 18

The toddler years are entertaining to say the least. My daughter had her fair share of major tantrums but we all lived through it and oddly enough she is amild mannered, smart and funny 7 year old girl. We all get through it and just enjoy the wild ride : )


nelly - April 18

Toddlers are so much fun they can really cheer you up on a bad day not to mention how funny they are my daughter is 4 and she is always saying and doing the funniest little things i love it.


Jamie - April 19

I think I'd rather have a toddler! I'm 6 mo. with my first, a little girl, and I keep thinking 'bout my niece, who's almost 6, and how much fun she is!!! But when she was a newborn, she was kind've...not as much fun. LOL


jb - April 19

I have a 3 year old who is the love of my life. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us. He is so funny and smart and just full of life. This has been the best time of our life. You will love this stage. We are expecting 2 in the next couple of months and I know he is going to be such a big help.



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