Wanting What You Cant Have

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CES - May 12

This is my second preg. I really thought I was having a boy but told its another girl - I am having a major depression as I thought it was a boy - please set me straight, as its a life and its not the end of the world but I need some encouragement as everyone says I am having a boy as I look like I am carrying one - no one knows we know its a Girl


whatever - May 12

well I know lots of people that want a boy or girl but they end up getting the opposite...and I never have heard of them saying that they are depressed because it wasn't what they preffered..you sound very selfish..you should be happy that you are having another baby..and instead pray that it comes out healthy..


ok - May 12

Be happy you are pregnant. Some women on here would give up everything to be in your shoes. You will get useto the ideal of a girl.


p - May 12

I have two girls, and am currently 34 weeks pregnant. Obviously, I would like a boy as would my husband. We dont know what we are having(I like the surprise). I know I will be happy with whatever, you should be too. Besides, theres always next time.


Lissi - May 12

I think you just need to get used to having another girl and once you hold her in your arms, you'll be fine. Think of what great friends your daughter's could be. You'll be able to revisit some of those favorite little outfits from last time too. Lots of people dream of having one of each, but lots of people dream of being able to have just one healthy baby. Think of how lucky you are to have been blessed twice when some people have nothing.


Jodie - May 12

I know alot of women get very upset not getting the baby that they want but in all honesty you should just be praying for a healthy baby. When a good friend of mine found she was pregnant with her first every prayed it would be a girl, she got the girl everyone prayed for but she was born with a severe heart defect and has had over 15 ops trying to repair it, and will need more as she gets older, it has been a valuable lesson to her and everyone she knows. Just pray for a healthy baby, having a girl isnt devastating but an extremely sick baby is


crystal - May 12

I understanding you being disappointed that your not having what you want, but for you to be depressed sounds like your very unsable. Their are so many women that can't have kids and would do anything to have a baby boy or girl, and so many things that can go wrong(god forbid) What you need to be thinking about is the health of your baby, and her having a happy,successful and healthy life. If you continue to be depressed then you need to speak to someone.


Eryn - May 12

I'll be honest I sometimes feel the same way. Once you see the baby you'll feel better. Just be grateful that it's healthy. :)


CES - May 13

Eryn - when you mean you feel the same why - you mean you have felt the same way I have - how many children do you have


Maleficent - May 13

i've always wanted girls, i have 8 brothers and 3 sisters. my "dream family" was one where the girls out numbered the boys. when my first was a boy i was uoset at first, but once it sunk in i wouldn't have traded him for all the girls in the world. i'm pregnancy with my second girl now and ya wanna know something stupid? i was a little let down that it's not a boy. we were so sure it would be. take some time to get used to the idea, but if you cant seem to get over it talk to a doctor about it. i'm sure you'll love your baby no matter what.


Julie - May 13

I feel ya! I don't know yet what I am having but will find out next Fri. I have a little boy and know that this will be my last pregnancy so I am soooo hoping this baby is a girl. I feel totally different this time so I have convinced myself it is a girl. I know I should just be hoping for a healthy baby but I have to admit I will be a little disappointed if it is another boy. I just read this article about baby gender and they said that if you have 2 boys or 2 girls the chances of having another of the same s_x are high so I don't think we would try again if it is a boy. I feel terrible about his but I am just being honest. I'm sure if it is a boy I won't love him any less I love my son more than anything!


nelly - May 13

i have a 5 year old daughter and i am 30 weeks pregnant now and i wanted a boy so bad and we are supposed to be having a girl and i actually got more excited because i can get them similar things and i know how to take care of a little girl i would have no idea how to take care of a little boy but i do have 2 baby nephews and i guess thats as close as i am going to get. and just in case the u/s was wrong i will be happy with whatever i get as long as its a healthy baby.


Jennifer - May 19

I don't really think it is fair for people to chastize those who feel upset over the s_x of the baby, so get off you high horse. One thing I am learning about pregnancy is it is truly and individual journey. I have and am experiencing thoughts and emotions I NEVER thought I would feel. CES I know where you are coming from. I just found out yesterday we are having a boy and I have been bawling ever since I found out. I never realized how all the times I visualized the future with a child, I saw it always as a girl. It wasn't intentional, but just what I related to as my own experience. Now I know its a boy, I feel lost, I don't see what the future holds, I can't picture him our life. Then the guilt sets in. It will take some time to wrap my head around it, I will get there. I am sure you will too. Hang in there girl :)


Tee Tee - May 19

Ces, Always be thankful for whatever it may be! Think of all the woman who wish the could concieve a girl or boy! I have two girls and they are the best thing that's ever happened to me.


Audrea - May 20

CES and Jennifer I totally understand what yall are going through and it is absolutely normal. When I found out I was having a girl I cried because I was so happy, I so wanted a girl and have always pictured having a daughter first. I would also love a boy but would have been disappointed if that is what it would have been. Don't worry about what others may say and that others would be thankful to even have a child. The fact is, you obviously don't have problems conceiving so naturally you will be hoping for one s_x over the other. My husband also thought I was selfish to want a girl, but it is not up to me to make him understand humannature. I have been trying to have a baby for over 8 years and I still preferred a girl over a boy, but deep down knew that I would love a boy just as much as a girl because that child would be mine. Hope this helps.


Jennifer - May 20

Be glad that your baby is healthy and that you are able to have one. I am having my first which is a Boy, I was just happy to know that he was healthy and growing like he should. You should be thankful that you can have a child, think of the many women who try and try but keep having miscarriages. God gave you another girl for a reason!


Tammy - May 20

I understand how you feel. I had a girl first. With my second, I really wanted another girl. When I found out that I was having a boy, I sort of felt the same way. After he was born, I could have cared less what he was. This is my third pregnancy. I have had some problems and have had to undergo some testing....It's a boy! and I am thrilled. My point is....be thankful to bring a healthy baby into this world, whatever s_x it is. No everyone gets a healthy baby.



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