Warning Gt Gt Gt Tmi Overload

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LN030905 - February 25

Ok, so Im gettin ready to blush...i can feel it....Alright, af was due on Monday/ Tuesday...no sign of her...several pre tests were neg..Figuring my delayment is from going off seasonal..just went off it in early Jan. Anyways...dh and I just got done bd'ing. before we started he noticed how incrediably wet I was..I wasnt even all that aroused..Ive been very wet for the past few days..and he pulled out for a sec so that we could switch positons and he goes "Oh my gosh!" so I think I started af, right, well, no..I look back and the entire top of his p__s is covered in milky/white cloudy cm...it looked like a pool of milk...and I mean, it didnt even feel that good because I had a dull ache down there the whole time. When we were done, I looked at it again and it was still pretty covered....Does this sounds like an infection? lol..im getin worried bc Ive never been late-but like I said it could be bc of the birth control...and that cms never been on top of his p__s...Help guys, what do you think?


Tanna - February 25

Could it maybe be because you will be starting very soon? Sometimes that happens. What does bd stand for, exactly, even though I got the idea :) ?


LN030905 - February 25

Hey Tanna!!! Bd stands for Baby dancing! Thanks for the reply...yup, thats probably what it mean, becaue when I got home a few mins ago I was about to pee my pants so I ran to the bathroom and saw a lil pink on the TP. Good Guess!!! Thanks again!


KimmieB008 - February 28

I HAD THE SAME THING THIS WEEKEND, LN030905!!! What is it? I would like to know the same thing. Look at my thread--- "HELP---PG ladies---What did your Cm look like??" That is what happened to me too. Let me know. I am glad I am not alone, ladies. :)


KimmieB008 - February 28

But i didn't get the AF


krc - February 28

I know exactly what your talking about ! During my cycle, I think it is usually right before or right after I ovulate I get a thick, white, creamy lotion-like CM . I can't stand it. Sometimes im too embara__sed to get intimate because it will get on his pecker. Or I dont want to have a quickie because Im paranoid there's too much CM down there. Some months it's more than others. Nothing to worry about if it is white and odorless. It can be weird at first. I remember times when my ex would want a quickie and i'd pretend I had to pee so I'd run to the bathroom and do a " CM check " , LOLOLOL. Then after all was good we get down to bd'ing. HAHA I never had an infection either, some of us just have more CM than others.


fltjt705 - March 2

I swear, I get a kick out of reading these threads. I am here laughing trying to be quiet at the same time. any who, If the mucous is clear your most likely ovulating. If it's cloudy af is comming to town for a while.



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