Was 28wk Too Early For Your 3d 4d Ultrasound

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Trish# - April 21

My OB said that if we want to get the 3D scan (for $175) it is done at 28wk. I have a friend who said she had this done at that time and the baby still "looked like an alien" for lack of a better description. I have heard that if you wait too long your baby will be too big and you will not get good photos. Just wondering what your experiences w/ this have been. I hate to pay $175 and be disappointed.


sa__sifras - April 21

I had about 7 u/s with my daughter, and one 3/d. The 3/d was done sometime after wk 30 and was amazing! But I do agree, if it was done any earlier she would have looked like an alien. They told me that if you do get one too late you won't see a lot because of the baby being too big. I would wait until the doctor advises, $175 can buy a hell of a lot of diapers!!


HannahBaby - April 21

I havebeen looking around online because we are driving 3 hours for one and they all say ideal time is 28-31 weeks. so its up to you. Ill most likely go around 30 weeks, Good luck


Celia - April 21

At my last ultrasound, I asked when I could schedule to have the 4D done. The tech said week 30 was always the best and usually turned out the best results.


boxhousev - April 21

I just had a 4d scan and i am only 11 weeks. And it is amazing no matter when you have it. Make the best decision for you but whenever will be worth it.


Tjane - April 21

I had one done at 17 weeks and the baby was very skeleton like but it was still great. My friend had one done right at 28 weeks and hers was even better. You could see features. It was really sweet....


mom2b2x - April 21

I had 4 sets of 3ds done and my first at 27 weeks we did not get great picks but in no way did my baby stilllook alien like . i agree you will most likely get a better pic at 30 weeks and also my nurse pract_tioner had me drink a slushy from sonic before i came in so that the baby moves better and they have a better chance of seeing more ... i drank mine as i was waiting in the drs office and it really helped..


Mellissa - April 22

hi trish#! i had a 3d ultrasound done on tuesday at just under 27 weeks. i was amazed by how chubby my baby's face is already! he didn't look anything like an alien, and actually resembles his big sister and daddy quite a bit. here is a link to my myspace page, i have a pic of him on there... check it out if you would like to see how mine went. :) i also have a 10 minute video of him opening his mouth and licking his hand!! quite adorable!!!


sara b - April 22

Hi I wanted to say I had an u/s tech in training working with the real tech at my 10 week u/s and she decided to let the tech in training play around with the 3D u/s. It was amazing how much detail there was even at that stage. I could see her little face and eyes and mouth. I could see fingers and toes and the tech was even able to say she was 75% sure it was a girl. She was right!!! I'll have to get the pics up on a website so you can see. Even though it was very early and just for fun the pictures were so clear that those were the ultrasound pics I always loved to look at. I say go for it and enjoy!!! You're baby hasn't put on all the baby chub yet but will look like a baby!!! At 28 weeks your baby could even survive outside the womb so I would imagine that your baby will look very much like a "real baby". Best wishes.


Mellissa - April 22

i just realized i was in such a hurry writing my response, i didn't include my link! so sorry about that!!! i seem to be scatter brained a lot lately! lol. here it is: http://www.myspace.com/prissiemissie11


cattac - April 22

hey mellissa i want to look at your pictures but am not registered at myspace...is there another website i can view them at?


Mellissa - April 23

hi cattac... i also have the pics posted on a yahoo page: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/prissiemissie11/my_photos i'm not sure if you have to sign in to view them or not... i don't think you do though. let me know if it works!!!


Mellissa - April 23

you have to take the two dashes by the s at the end out... sorry.


cattac - April 23

hey...got it!!!! they look great...i really want a 3d this pregnancy



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