Was I Fertile

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Turtle - March 2

I know this is going to sound weird but my bf and I are trying to have a baby but the thing is that he is afraid to try without a condom. He just wants to be careful that i don't get anything which i can understand that but i have already gotten tested and I didn't have anything but he still wants to use a condom. Ok here is the weird part my .....bf and i were messing around and he ejaculated on a kleenex well when he wasn't looking i grabbed the kleenex and put it inside of me hoping the sperm had gone in but now i don't know if i could be pregnant or not since i did this after i finished my period and i don't know if i was fertile at the time.


Melissa30 - March 3

Question. Why doesn't your bf just get tested to find out if he has anything. If he doesn't why worry unless he is screwing around on you. Trying to get pregnant with a condom doesn't make since. In order to get pregnant his s____n has to go inside you and that is where most all people get STD's you know from the fluid that has to go in there to make a baby. It is possible you could have gotten pregnant using the "kleenex method" but highly unlikely. Usually I believe that the sperm needs the extra boost it gets from the ejaculation to get pa__sed the woman's cervix and into the tubes. Your fertile time is most likely 12 to 16 days after the first day of your period but usually right at 14 days. They do make ovulation detection kits as well. Use those and on your most fertile day don't use a condom.


sososleepy - March 3

Turtle, which anything is he trying not to give you? If he has a std, both of you need to go to the doctor together to find out what your options are and treat it. If he isn't sure if he has one, get him to a doc and find out; it's important for both of you and for the baby you want to both know and treat if you're dealing with one. Your kleenex method might just damage the sperm enough that even if it works, you end up with a miscarriage or a baby with problems.



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