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joei - May 8

My hubby and I had s_x the day before ovulation and the day of. I am hoping to be pregnant. Its only been 3 days! Did you girls know that you were pregnant when you were? did you have a gut feeling? I dont feel anything... What was it like to find out that you were? Im so wanting to be a mommy...:)


To Joei - May 8

I kinda knew that I was pregnant, but than I wasn't sure ( because I thought I was preg a couple times before and wasn't) I guess it all depends on the female........good luck


Misty - May 8

I never had a gut feeling, no. I was never specifically trying though. More just like my fiance and I welcome the idea of a baby so we don't use protection. Then when I was late (which was hard to tell because I don't count days or anything) I just went to get a test. But I didn't know it would be positive, I just hoped it would. And that is like what...two weeks after conception? Even this time (going to be my second baby) I didn't feel pregnant for a looong time after knowing I was. It has taken starting to feel the baby move for it to become real for me. GL. Baby dust and glue to you. :-)


joei - May 8

thanks a lot for posting! any other ladies?


Lissi - May 8

I didn't have a clue I was pregnant either until I was late. Even then I didn't believe it because I'd had too many months of disappointment and my periods are irregular. I only started to get excited because my usual pre-menstral b___st soreness didn't go away. I did one test and got a very strong positive and was just rooted to the spot, staring at it in disbelief. I felt like I had bolts of electricity running through me and couldn't wipe the smile off my face for the next 48 hours! :-) Good luck to you, and if it doesn't happen this month, don't get stressed and just have lots of fun trying!


Jbear - May 9

The only clue I had that I was pregnant the first time was that I found that I couldn't tolerate cigarette smoke. It started about a week before my period was due. With my second pregnancy, I knew a couple days after conception...it wasn't really a gut feeling, I just felt strange, and the only time I'd felt that strange before was during my first pregnancy. I was really excited to find out I was pregnant the first time. This time it was sort of funny, because the night I conceived was the night of my company Christmas party, the only day off my husband and I have had together in the last 3 years.


Jessie - May 9

Yes I knew, don’t know how but I knew. I had negative over the counter urine test, and the Drs Urine test was negative. My doctor thought I was loony when I demanded a blood test, and WAA LA I was pregnant, my doctor gave me an apology after that =).


NELLY - May 9



Amy De - May 9

I didn't know, but I strongly suspected, I knew we'd had s_x at the appropriate time, and I've had two children, so I was familiar with pregnancy symptoms. About 3-4 days prior to when I was to have my period, I couldn't stand cigarette smoke, some foods I was familiar with tasted different than usual, and some foods smelled funny, I was "sensitive" to odors. Also, I typically have sore nipples/b___sts 1/2 week BEFORE I get my period, and then it goes away a day or two before I get it. Both times I found out I was pregnant before, that soreness did not go away, and that was the only times it had ever happened before. I tested with a First Response pregnancy test the day before my period was due last week, and lo and behold, I was pregnant again!



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