Was That You Baby

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Lacy - November 22

Ok, ladies! This is my first pregnancy, and Im 17 weeks today. About 2 wks ago, when I was 15 wks, I felt a thump, from the inside out. I just dont know if it was the baby or not, because it was very high.(Just a couple inches below my br___ts, in the center.) I also dont know, because other than that, I havent felt a single movement. Has anyone else experienced a move early on, and then not another one for weeks?? And If so, wouldnt it be very low in my stomach? I know it wasnt something I have ever felt before, but I cant be too sure if it was the baby. Please give me your thoughts. Thank you!


Katie - November 22

Im right there with you I'll be 17 weeks at the end of this week and 2 weeks ago I felt a weird movement right around the same area. I wasnt sure if it was the baby but I know it wasn't gas. I didn't fell it again until a week later.


Renee - November 23

Ladies, at 17 weeks, the top of your uterus is still just below your naval, about 1 to 1.5 inches below. That is clearly below your b___sts. Give it a few more weeks and you will feel your baby for sure.


Katie - November 23

To Renee or anyone who can answer so are we feeling our uterus stretching or the baby?


Lacy - November 23

Yeah, I still wasnt sure...are you saying that it probably wasnt the baby?


Jessica - November 23

I am not trying to be mean at all but I doubt it was your baby because your uterus is not that high up yet. I am certainly not trying to discredit your ability to know your body but from what you have described and where it is it just doesnt seem possible. A lot of things are being pushed around and squished to make room for your growing uterus and we feel strange things at times. I know I did also at this time but knew it was not possible for my baby to be up that high. You will feel your baby soon enough and you will know it. I am now 22 weeks and feel him move constantly. Baby dust!!


Lacy - November 23

Thanks Jessica! No offense taken at all...I just couldnt figure it out! I kinda thought that it wasnt the baby...because of the position, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought!


ally - November 24

at 20 weeks when you feel the baby its like a flutter


stephanie - November 25

i started to feel baby move at 15 1/2 weeks now im 17 weeks and i feel baby all the time got ultra sound done when baby was awake sure enough it was movingeverytime i guess it was


kim - November 25

you could be feeling the baby some women can feel movements at 16wks.



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