Washing Baby Clothes

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washinghelp - June 26

I need to start washing all my sons clothes but I'm having trouble deciding on what to do. Some say I should only use detergents like Dreft and some say it doesnt matter what kind I use. Some say DO NOT use fabric softeners but I've always used them because they make clothes seem so much softer. What did you guys find worked best?


KH - June 26

I wouldnt use fabric softener if I were you. I buy a natural detergent called Sun & Earth. I don't know what stores are near you but I get mine at Market Basket. I've also bought it at Shaws and Stop & Shop. If you have a Wild Oats or Whole Foods Market, you may find it there or they may only have Seventh Generation, which is great too. I was going to start doing baby laundry today too - funny you posted this :)


Mk - June 26

I am 7 months pregnant and I have tons of baby clothes. I should wash them first right? Cold/ hot? for how long? do you dry them ?


Beccah - June 26

These are all very good questions that I have never thought of before. I eagerly await any helpful answers!


Katharine - June 26

Last time, i used Dreft for about the first year. This time, we already use All Free and Clear and also Bounce nothing-added dryer sheets, so I have just used those. Much cheaper already! We buy the All in big containers at Sam's. I washed new stuff in cold, so colors wouldn't run (although everything is pink already : ) and anything that were from my first baby in warm. Once the baby starts eating, I'll have to wash in hot or warm to try to get out stains. It was funny when I was unpacking my daughter's old baby clothes that once I go to the 6/9 mos. clothes, they were ALL stained. Even using bibs, "real" food really did a number on her clothes. Luckily, by 12 mos., the stains started tapering off again.


E - June 26

Any detergent without dyes and chemicals is a good start, until you know how tempermental your child's skin is. Same with fabric softener. There are fabric softeners that are dye/perfume free. Dreft is a marketing scheme and is not necessary. Most baby stuff is a huge marketing scheme, for that matter. There are so many things that people could easily get away with not having. I forwent the changing table. Who wants to change a baby from the side? Back to detergent -- I use Arm & Hammer detergent from Target and it is $5 for a ma__sive container.


Jen - June 26

I just used all or tide perfume and dye free. As for fabric softeners i think it decreases the flame resisance in baby's clothes.


Danielle - June 26

I'm probably a bad mommy, but I always just washed my baby's clothes in the same stuff as ours. I never even used the "free clear" stuff. My kids never had a problem with it. However, it they did I would have definately switched to the "free clear" as I've heard it works just as the same as Dreft but cheaper.


washinghelp - June 26

Thanks everyone! I'm glad to hear that some of you used fabric sheets. I figured as long as they were scent free, it would be okay. I guess I'll go with All since its just as good and cheaper.


JenniferB - June 26

Just a little info for you. Did you know that when you use fabric softener you are not softening the fabric? You are actually softening the soap that is left on the clothes that doesn't rinse clean. Gross huh? Arm and Hammer is supposed to be one of the few detergents that rinse out. I used Dreft the first year and then used what we were using.


Jessica F. - June 27

I say if it's a Newborn I'd stick with Dreft or Ivory snow and throw one outfit in with your clothes and regular detergent and try that on your baby. That way you will know if your baby has a reaction to different detergents. As for the fabric softener they say don't use it because the majority of baby clothes you buy is flame resistant and using fabric softeners affects that.


Jbear - June 27

Just an idea...don't take all the tags off of your new baby clothes and wash them all until after your baby is born. Wash a couple of items, and then wait to see how big your baby is before you wash the rest. If you have a 10lb baby, they're not going to be wearing those newborn clothes for more than a couple of weeks, and you could exchange the ones that still have tags for larger sizes.


E - June 27

JBear is correct. That is what we did. Just so you know, Dreft is quite stinky. I am not sure if it has a perfume in it, but it sure smells like it does.


NewDad - July 19

I was washing some of the baby clothes with ALL Baby detergent and I got to looking at the list of ingredients, and then I compared it to the ALL Free and Clear that we were using for our own clothes. The only difference that I could see between the two detergents is that the Baby detergent has perfume, Free and Clear does NOT.



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