Washing Baby Clothes

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kari15 - June 19

Hey everyone! I was just wondering if you can wash baby clothes the same way as anyone else's clothes with the exeption of using a special detergent like Dreft or Ivory Soap?


livdea - June 19

wash them in warm/hot water always too! But yeah, I just washed all of my girly's clothes in dreft with hot water NO fabric softner or sheets and you're good to go! A couple outfits I thought might shrink up I laid flat to dry but otherwise wash them the same!


KLT - June 19

Why no fabric softner or sheets? What about the Dreft ones? Or will the soap alone keep things soft?


livdea - June 19

the soap alone...at least the dreft I used...kept her clothes soft! They came out smelling all good and just nice! No fabric softner or sheets because of how sensitive babies skin is...hence the reason for using special soap! If they have dreft fabric sheets I'm sure those are fine to use, I just haven't seen them! :) but other softners can irratate babies skin...they even say you should wash slings, car seat covers, any thing that baby is going to be in contact with. I've even washed several of my tops, which I heard isn't a bad idea.


snugglybugglys - June 20

Also fabric softener isn't good for the babies clothes, because it reduces the flame retardant in the fabric. Our news station did a story on it, and the fire department set 3 sets of childrens clothing on fire. One used with fab. softener, one with out, and one with gasoline on it. The one with gas, and fab softener burned about the same....which was pretty bad. And the one with out the fab. soft. burned but not nearly as bad.


tinkri - June 20

I have 2 older children 9 & 11 and I am prego with number 3 (10 weeks). I always washed my older ones clothes in the same detergent that I used as they were always against my clothing when I held them, fed them, sometimes even when they slept. They never had any sensitivities to it and I intend to do the same this time. Hope this makes sense.


KLT - June 20

Makes total sense! Thanks for clarifying this for me ladies! I've got a ton of laundrey to attempt to do this weekend... the baby isn't here yet and already i've got a mountain of clothes for her!!


Tanna - June 21

I just wash everybody's in the house with a "free and clear" detergent. Dreft is way too expensive, and what can bother the baby is the perfumes and dyes. I do not use fabric softener at all though, I can't stand the feel of something that has fabris softener on it...it leaves a film!



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