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a bit muddled - August 29

Hi, i am on the pill, but on the 14th of aug, i missed one. I had s_x on the 15th and the condom broke! i was due for my period on the 18th. Normally my periods come EXACTLY the same day. EVERY month. and go for exactly 7 days with a very steady flow. they have done ever since i started gettingt them. But this month it didnt come on the 18th. on the 19th i had a little bit of spotting. On the 20th & 21st there was steady blood flow but ALOT less then normal. then the 22nd & 23rd only very light spotting again. Since then i have been gettin waves of nausea, peeing alot, have alot of CM that is sort of like a raw egg consistency. my nipples have been tender last few days. i have had a constant headache for 2 days.been a bit gassy & have had the sniffles. ive also been VERY emotional. i have NEVER even cried in a movie but yesterday i cried during DR PHIL!! and today i cried in the news!! i dont normally even get mood swings or emotional with my period... could it possibly be that i am pregnant, with my irregular period and these symptoms... when should i take a test to make sure? its only been 15 days since i had s_x. im 21 and in a very loving relationship, we are not TTC but a baby would be welcomed with open arms.. Thanks for ur time and thoughts!


kate - August 30

have u taken a test, that call tell u all u need to know


a bit muddled - August 30

not yet, i thought i should wait until this weekend cos it has only been 15 days since i had s_x. i just wanted to see what others thought and if anyone else had gone thru same thing n had a + test


a bit muddled - August 30

ok i went to toilet before cos i felt very "wet" down there. and i had ALOT of CM and there was little spots of blood in it. i have NEVER had spotting during my period (cept for this last one) let alone after it! so i went n got a test . it said neg but could i have tested too soon?


b-luv - August 30

its all in your head. stop thinking about it so much and you wont feel pregnant anymore.


Erin - August 30

Take it from someone who did get pg on the pill.... you are probably fine. Quite often, missing a pill can cause your period to be slightly off and different than normal. Your negative test is most likely accurate since it was taken after your period was due. It is very rare that pg ladies don't get a positive test after a missed period (although it does happen... just rarely). If you miss your period next month, call your doctor. Otherwise, don't worry about it. Whenever you are paranoid of pg (or thinking about wanting to be pg) you often experience symptoms of pg just because our bodies respond that way. But true pg symptoms don't usually show up that early. Good luck though!! Has thinking you're pg made you reconsider avoiding it? That happens a lot.


sorry - August 30

You are prob. not pregnant. Even when you miss a day during the month the pill is still like 95% effective.



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