Water Breaking Please Advise

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nhb - October 7

I just went to pee (for the 3rd time today) and after I was done going, a few seconds later there was a small stream of liquid again . . . but it didn't feel like I was peeing. And it didn't last long enough to feel like it was my water breaking, and it hasn't been leaking or anything else . . . does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm 34 weeks, 1 day . . . w/ baby #2. I had my water broken @ the hospital the first time, and don't remember what it was like . . . so now I don't know if maybe the bag has torn and I should go to the dr's or what. Any advise you have would be helpful, I'm waiting on a call back from my dr's office. Thank you!


Lara - October 7

was it your mucous plug maybe???


moe - October 7

My sister's water was leaking at 34 weeks, it was during the hott summer months and she thought she was just sweating alot down there, come to find out her bag of water was leaking. you will probably fell wet down there if it is leaking, but i have peed and stopped peeing and a little more came out before. let us know what happens and what the dr says....good luck


nhb - October 7

No, there wasn't anything like that in the toilet . . . it sounded like liquid, and I thought yesterday and the day before I had bits of my mucus plug coming out . . . but it wasn't bloody at all, just very jelly-like, and not the normal CM . . . I'm just getting worried, I'm only 34 weeks!


keekee - October 7

Let us know what happens...Take care nhb


Mica - October 7

The doctors and nurses can do a simple test to check. Just put a pad on to collect the moisture. They use listmus (sp?) paper to check the pH. Urine (which can spill out uncontrolably at this point in pregnancy when the baby punches your bladder) is acidic and amniotic fluid is alkaline. Depending on what color the paper turns, they can tell you. Also they can look at it under a microscope to look for a pattern called ferning in amniotic fluid. These things are too important to try and figure out ourselves. Doctors have tool we don't. Call your doctor. best to you!


nhb - October 8

Thanks for the help--I went in to the dr's office yesterday and they checked, it was not amniotic fluid . . . however, up until yesterday morning, Baby Timothy had been breech, and they did an ultrasound while I was there to check the fluid level, and he had turned to vertex! So I think what happened is that he must have turned at that minute and pushed on my bladder some more . . . but again, thank you for the help! Good luck with your pregnancies/babies, ladies!



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