Way To Much Sex

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sally marie - December 7

my fiancee wants s_x all the time,i cant get dressed in the morning without him dragging me back into bed and i cant put on my bed clothes at night without him wanting some first.i am 25weeks along and i stay sore from so much s_x.although it dose feel really good especially with my hormones raging but whats your thoughts?anyone else in the same boat?im not really complaining i just cant beleive he still finds me so attractive with a big belly.


djor - December 8

i know exactly the same boat you are in. i dont mind the s_x cuz it feels good, but i dont see myself as the most attractive thing but my husband just cant get enough of me. but i guess i dont want to complain cuz it makes me feel good when to myself i feel like i am getting fatter uglyier. but it is definatly a bost in my confidance every day. eat up the woderful feelings that our great husbands give us.


* ;) * - December 8

I'm the same way. I'm also 25 weeks.Some days I'm so sore I can't walk. Just tell him how sore you are. He should understand. And if he doesn't, explain to him in detail. I had to do it. I want it a lot, but I also have to listen to my body. You could play a game, or watch a movie, just cuddling in bed. My husband falls asleep, but it's better than the pain I feel after s_x. I haven't stopped, but we've slowed down to at least every other day to give me some time to heal in between. We finally started that when we had no choice. I was in the mood, but so sore, just couldn't get wet enough to do anything about it.


Rachel - December 8

Its the other way around with my husband and I. I'm always ready and he never really wants to.


jbean - December 8

hey i say s_x it up, i mean hello we are big beautiful and in our most attractive/ least attrative state of our lives and they still want us....between farting, peeing and babies taking our bellies as long as no risk at all to you or the little bugger...i say bring it out!!!!



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