Ways To Have A Girl Or A Boy

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Kassandra - November 15

Who knows anyways that are supposed to make you more likely to have a girl or a boy? Shettles, old wives tales - anything!


ka__sy - November 15

hi, there is no way to make you have a girl or a boy..thats just an old wives tale..just if you try something like an old wives tale and it makes u think its a girl..or a boy..just dont set your mind on it..just wait till you have a scan and let the doctor tell you..even they aint right at all times :)


m - November 15

It's a matter of faith I guess. I don't believe in stuff like sleeping on a particular side to get a certain s_x, or silly stuff like that. But I did read Shettle's book. It seems to have some substance. It makes sense that IF the girl sperm live longer, and you stop trying a couple of days before you ovulate (if you are regular enough to predict it), then the y's will have died off and a girl is statistically the one that will be conceived--- as he says in his book. HOWEVER, that does not mean I think it is foolproof. Truly, there is NO way of for sure conceiving one or the other unless you want to involve chemists. So again, it's a matter of faith. You just do what you want and have fun with it. In the end, it's not going to matter, anyway. You're going to love either one. So you might as well believe in whatever you want to, if it makes you smile. Heck if you want to believe that wearing pink will help conceive a girl, or wearing blue will help conceive a boy, then go for it girl. It's not going to hurt anything. And it might be kindof fun to try and play tricks on mother nature. ;o) Good luck!


Leanne - November 15

There is a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It dedicates a full chapter on this subject,"how to choose the s_x of your baby". The theory is if you conceive BEFORE ovulation you are very likely to have a girl,after ovulation,a boy. The book is wonderful,it explains how to chart your cycles for this to be effective. I have a friend who had 3 boys and tried this method and ended up with a girl.Good luck to you!


cc - November 16

my is name cc i have 2 boys i carry my boys high now i am having a baby it's low i don't no the s_x of the baby i have 3weeks to go


Jess - December 4

m, why would you involve CHEMISTS to get a certain s_x? Chemists are people who are learned in chemistry - they could not help you. I think you mean PGF and other techniques..


m - December 6

jess, I was simply referring to chemists in the LAB who perform the sperm separation, and who founded this technology. I didn't know this was science cla__s! I think everyone but you knows what I mean. PGF, chemists, geneticists, endocrinologists, embryologists, ya da, ya da, ya da.... I'm just trying to answer her question. Thanks for trying to insult my intelligence. I never claimed to be a scientist of any kind. ---- Ka__sandra, let me re-phrase to keep 'everyone' happy... "Truly, there is NO way of for sure conceiving one or the other unless you want to involve MODERN SCIENCE!" Is that better jess?


Mellissa - December 6

They are still studying this: As you know, women have only "X" chromosones while men have both "X" and "Y". If the sperm that fertilizes the egg possesses an "X" then a girl will result. If it has a "Y" then a boy will result. Simple as that. A womens body and ovulation have nothing to do with the decision-making process here because it is only the male sperm that decides the s_x. They are, however, attempting to study the male sperm to see if the faster swimmers (they reach the egg within 12 hours) are more likely to produce boys are girls. Some sperm take as long as 48 hours to get to the egg (staggering one burst of sperm in their speeds of 12hrs-48hrs increases the likely hood of successful fertilization) so if we could find out that the faster swimmers usually produce one gender more often than the other than we could accurately say that it's best to have s_x right before you ovulate, rather than a day or two before, in order to produce this one gender. This being said, if the study does manage to prove that the fastest swimmers say, almost always produce girls then what happens if you are trying for a boy. Then you have to go back to the old fashioned "Science Russian roulette" and just hope for the best because the slower guys are just as likely to produce girls as they are boys. (That is, unless they prove that the slower ones are also more likely to produce just one gender) Either way, this research is still in it's infancy and very difficult to track. It must be done in a controlled environment as the researchers must know for a scientific fact when each test subject ovulated in order for the research to be accurate. The bottom line, there is no way to ensure that you have the s_x of baby you were aiming for. If there was, China wouldn't have such an epidemic of abandoned baby girls and someone out there would be very rich! You can, however, detect whether or not an individual sperm is equipped with an "X" or "Y" when looking into a petri dish in a labratory but genetic selection is still considered unethical so this isn't done even when fertility aid is given to couples in a clinic.


r - December 6

Are you pregnant right now, or thinking of becoming pregnant? I don't know if what I’m about to tell you is true or not but I met a woman who tolled me she has done this with all 3 of her pregnancies and 2 were right on. With her 3rd one she is still pregnant but is sure of what it is. Anyways, this will only work if you are not yet pregnant, and needs a month (or 2 months is better) to work. She said if you want a boy the man should have at least 1 banana and 2 dates every day for at least a month or 2 before you get pregnant. If you want a girl then you should have at least one banana and 2 dates for about the same amount of time before getting prego. The theory behind this is that if the man has these foods, then the Y chromosomes (which will give you a son) will get stronger for conception time. And so if you have it the X chromosomes (for a girl) will be stronger for ovulation/conception time. I have no idea if this works or not – I have not tried it. But the woman said it has worked for her every time. Good luck.


m - December 6

Very interesting, r! Does this theory imply that if the woman eats this, then the "environment" becomes more accepting of the X chromosome? I want a girl next time, so I'll try anything! Maybe most things are just old wives tales, but hey, what have I got to lose? LOL :o)


Mellissa - December 6

There is a 50% chance of having a boy. There is a 50% chance of having a girl. No one person can claim something worked for them in deciding the s_x when it was just good odds. 50% odds are something I'd definetly bet on in Vegas but not when it comes to me claiming that some old wives tale works. By that rationale I could say that the reason my sister has 4 boys is because she eats no red meat or something insane like that when, in all actuality, her husband just has much more Y chromosones (that make boys) than X chromosones which is why he isn't making girls. THIS, is scientific fact, not luck and coincidence.


Katie - December 6

Try going to a search engine and typing in chinese birth chart. It will give you a chart that is believed to tell you at what times of the month you will concieve a boy or a girl. I will find out next month if it correct. Have fun!!


m - December 6

I believe you Mellissa. And rational thinking tells me most techniques (except Shettles) don't have a foundation, however, it's always fun just to try things. Can't hurt, right? :o) I guess I'll go buy me some bananas and beets. ;o)


tiffani - December 6

M ~ Spare yourself the agony of eating beets and get dates as "r" suggested instead ~ ;o)


m - December 6

Oopsy! Thanks tiff! I guess I would need beets if I was constipated!! LOL Oh boy, it's been a long day already, and it's only 2:06. :o) Can you tell I'm a blondie? LOL


Gina - December 6

My mom swears that if you have s_x all throughout the month it will be more likely a girl where as if you have s_x right when you ovulate it will be a boy. The idea is that the male sperm are stronger swimmers and get there faster dying off quicker while the girl sperm takes its time.


r - December 6

I'm sure all of this is just old wives tales...but I'm always willing to try anything. unlike my husband who laughed when I suggested for him to be eating banana's and dates for a while. If nothing else they are very, very good for you - full of energy. so, m, please let me know if you end up with a girl and so at least I have 2 people to belive in this theory on. :o) Remember...dates...not beets ;o)



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