Ways To Induce My Labor Now That Im Starting To Dialate

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BMBHONEE - January 3

Well im now dilated to one centimeter and my cervix has started thinning, what would you reccommend I do to get the process going.. Im soooo ready to have my little boy!!


joeby321 - January 3

I hear that getting foot ma__sages usually induces labor and my sister who has had 5 children also says having s_x helps to induce. I am not sure if this will help but good luck and congrats on your precious bundle of baby boy coming soon!


LMD - January 3

I've heard that walking helps a lot. Just make sure and have someone with you.


DJ_Jazzy - January 3

How many weeks along are you?? My sister in-law has been dilated to 2cm for a little over 2 weeks. And yes, a foot ma__sage/pedicure can help but only if they trigger the right pressure points. Another "old wives tale" is eating spicey food, s_x, and yes walking!! My mom always told me she ran up and down the stairs to try and get me out! And like LMD said, make sure there is always someone with you! Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!


BMBHONEE - January 3

welll according to my due date im only 37 weeks, but at 33 weeks I went into preterm labor and had to have medication to stop it, and after that my baby seemed to go into overdrive and my doctor said that he is already at the average healthy size and is just getting bigger and he's ready .. whenever my body is ready.. and so I took castor oil today to see if anything happens.. but now im feeling hungry soooo Im not sure, cause I don't know if you are supposed to eat after you take it?


LeslieM - January 4

WALK WALK WALK!!!!! my son was born 13 years ago on his due date. i was living in VA at the time and my mom came to town for the birth and we didnt want to be late because she would have to leave...anyway, we spent the WHOLE day walking around Washinton DC and then when i came home i took castor oil too ( be very careful). then i had dinner and right when i was done eating...WHAM, first contraction. :)


BMBHONEE - January 4

yea I've been doing the walking thing.. the last two days in a row I've gone walking around walmart for 30 minutes twice a day.. because I live in a small town with no mall.. and its freezing outside.. so the only really best palce to get a lot of walking done is walmart.. and well I took the castor oil last night around 9, but the only thing I've gotten is a few cramps here and there.. I don't think its contractions tho.. I will say that my back has been hurting a lot tho since I took it.... but I haven't had any bowel movements, which surprised me b/c I took 3 tablespoons of that nasty c___p!


rizzoh - January 5

Hello all: My sister was three days overdue and her husband was due to head to fight in the war on day 5. They were ready to have the baby and the military doc wouldn't induce until a week overdue. Anyway we called a midwife who is a family friend and explained the situation. I have seen it work twice but, both women were a fedw days overdue. She told us this: 1) Make sure your bag is packed and ready to go. 2) Drink rose leaf tea to helps to start contractions 3) Get out the brest pump and use it for ONLY 5 mins on each side on high. This is like after you have the baby and brest feed. The sucking motion produces a hormone and tells your uterus to contract. Just like the meds they give you to start labor. 4) As contractions start. Sit on a labor ball gently rotateing your hips side to side front to back. Make sure you have a chair in front of you to help with balance. This helps the baby slowly cork-screw down into your pelvis spreading your hips and opening your cervics. Both women had a great labor and had the baby in four-five hours. Make sure you leave in plenty of time to get to hospital. My sis started at a 2 and with in four hours got to hospital at a 7 :) I hope this helps.


mommyofsunshine - January 5

hey bmdhonee....congrats on your future bundle of joy...:) and with my son, i also couldnt wait any longer...so my doc recommended lots of s_x, and i think it did the trick, and oh lots of walking which i read u r already doing....lots of luck...:)



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