We Done Over Sexcual Relation Yesterday So Today I Am Pragnant

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tanvi - August 27

as above


tanvi - June 25

as above


tanvi - June 25

i want to know my answer about my question


Mere - June 25

Please make it more readable Thanks


t - June 25

i don't quite understand the question


dina - June 25

I don't understand your question


what - June 25

dont understand your question. Make it more readable so we can help you out


Adrienne - July 2

I think she wants to know if she had s_x could she know she was pregnant the next day? and i think in some cases the ansewer is yes honey


ser - August 23

How can you know the next day


Jess - August 25

I agree with Shellie's response. There have been cases where women have begun experiencing symptoms of pregnancy within hours after conception. However to have your pregnancy symptoms confirmed by a pregnancy test a women needs to wait until her hcg hormones reach detectable levels, which doesn't usually occur until a week or so later.


Heather - August 25

The straight answer: Yes, some women seem to 'know' right after conception. For most, however, this is more fear or hope of that outcome; our minds can do a lot in terms of making us feel as though we're pregnant. You cannot know for sure without a positive urine or blood test. Often, our pregnancy symptoms are the same as that we experience with PMS; sore b___sts, nausea, fatigue, cramping, headache, etc. Generally speaking you will not conceive the day you have s_x (only if you hit the exact date you ovulate will you manage this one) and there are usually only around 4 days a month when a woman can become pregnant -- around day 9-14 of your cycle if it's a 28 day cycle (first day of your period is day 1). So: wait until the day your period is due and buy a HPT (home pregnancy test -- you pee on a stick). These are only effective around when your period is due so don't bother taking it before. If it's +ve it's probably right; but sometimes you get false negatives because hcg levels aren't high enough yet to get a +ve result. If you get a negative and still don't get your period in a week, test again and see your doctor.


J - August 27

God, you lot are so dumb! She is asking when she can find out if she is pregnant, not if she "feels" pregnant. You CANNOT do a test 1 day after s_x, don't be so stupid you lot! Tanvi if your next period does not come do a test, or if you cannot wait, go to the doctors after 2 weeks and a blood test may show up positive (if you are actually pregnant). But from you original message you seem to htink that having s_x automatically means pregnancy, it doesn't! It can a year for a fertile couple to get pregnant, so just because you had s_x it doesn't mean you are now pregnant, please read some books, you seem very uninformed and shouldn't be having s_x if you don't know anything about it. Good luck!



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