We Need Baby Names

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Somer - December 3

I am just wondering if you Ladies have any suggestions for baby names. Twins= A boy and a girl. We thinkwe are going to name the boy Benjamin Issaic. we need suggestions for both though.


Jamie - December 4

My husband and I picked names that had meaning for us. I have known since I was a little girl that my first daughter's middle name would be Yvonne; it's my middle name, my mother's middle name, my grandmother's, for generations. That simplified things, cause I had to find a name that fit with Yvonne. I also wanted a name that was attractive to write - I like distinctive signatures - I knw, I'm weird. So, I wanted Zs or Ys in the first name cause I like the way those look...lol...so at first, I liked the name Zoey, until my aunt named my cousin that. Then I switched to Sydney, but then Alias started. Ultimately, my daughter's name is Serenity Yvonne. Basically, the point is...just think about names that have meaning to you, or you like the way they're written, etc. OR - what my brother did...get all your friends/family to write down name suggestions for you, and pick from those.


j - December 4

How about Emmalee for a girl.


Annette - December 4

The names you picked for boy are bible names, my suggestion would be to look for bible names for girls. There are some that I personally like: Leah, Hannah, Rebeccah, Dinah, Judith, Isabelle or Elizabeth, Ariel, Ava (although I just learnt that it is related to perversion). Check this website: http://www.biblebell.org/namegirl.html#atog and congratulations on the baby twins.


Diana - December 10

Girls: Taylor Beth, Tatum Lesley, Faye Elizabeth, Mina Rae , Haley Jade Boys: Ryan Patrick, ,James Ray, Lucas Nathan,and Jason Lawrence


Um - December 10

"my suggestion would be to look for bible names for girls" -- Unless, that is, the bible isn't important to you. Then you can just name her a name you like and skip the biblical references. I like Zoe.


Rhonda - December 10

what about Madison Areanna,Chloe Skye,Jessica Lauren,Makenzie Lynn,Alexas Ann,Brittany Starr,Chandelyn Nichole,Madelyn Rose,Avery Shawnta.Megan Breanne.


erin - December 11

i like Ariel or Avery for girls. or you can just name her Alexis and call her Lexy for short!


HH - December 11

Is that pronounced iz-aye-ic? I love Benjamin. Do you want another B? Bethany, Beatrice, Bella, Brenna, Blythe, Bianca, Bonnie, Bridget, Brynna. Another cla__sic name: Benjamin and Abbigail, Amelia, Elizabeth, Catherine, Victoria, Sarah. Rhyming? Jennifer? Bennie and Jennie? Kendall, Benny and Kenni? Penelope? You get the idea. Any cla__sic name would be lovely!


Dear Um - December 12

You don't have to start a fight. She asked for suggestions, and she's getting multiple ones. This is how big, long argument threads start; let's nip this one before it gets further - thanks!


GLG - December 12



GLG - December 12

Imogene? Emma-jean?


Gemma - December 17

Benjamin Isaac is really nice but some other sujestions for a boy are: Thomas, Luke, Ryan, Samual, Sebastian, Dominic, Mason, Colby, Fenton, Finlay, Jared, Blake, Blaine, Karl, Carlos, Logan, Alfie, Ashton. Some suggestions for a girl are: Samantha, Danielle, Michelle, Jodie, Lala, Holly, Teegan, Kiya, Keira, Natalie, Natasha, Yazmine, Laura, Carla, Lauren.


ashlee - December 20

GIRL- Alyssa jayde, rachel beth, kaelah skye, gemma leigh, BOY- hayden jasper, tristan jai, riley jay.


itsapinupthing - December 21

you could have something matching for like James and Jamie.....just my though



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