We Re Over And I Might Be Pregnant

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Samie - February 28

My boyfriend and I just broke up recently, we were actively having s_x for about 3 months. I missed my last period and I'm late on this month's. I've been waking up feeling ill and I even vomitted this morning. My br___ts are tender, I've been urinating more frequently lately, feeling fatigued and alot of the other symptoms for awhile now. I don't think I could get an abortion, honestly, I'm going to get a home pregnancy test and see if I am, but, if I am, should I tell him? Him and I, while not dating, are still friends, and he said he'd give it another shot if I was pregnant, but he's happy now and pursuing someone else. What do I do?


KM - February 28

he shouldn't want to be with you just because you are pregnant.he should be with you because he cares for you and WANTS to be with you baby or no baby.yes you should tell him about the pregnancy, he is the father, if he wants to be a father and share responsibility, let him, and consider yourself lucky. It does definitely sound like you are pregnant.


To Samie - February 28

I agree with KM. If you are preg definitely tell him but don't get back with him for those circ_mstances. That could end up being a bad thing. Don't put yourself in a more hurtful position. If he is willing to help out with the baby feel blessed. Most turn and run like hell. God bless you for not wanting an abortion in case you are preg. Keep us updated. Good luck sweety.


Maleficent - February 28

having a baby is not a good reason to stay with or get back together with someone. if you parted on good terms you will have more success co-parenting as friends than you would as a couple. he needs to know if your pregnant, but you need to put the relationship aside for now. becoming parents is going to need all your attention.


Samie - March 1

Well, he says he still loves me so that's the reason it was suggested it in the first place... (Too much stress near the end was the result of the break-up). No news yet on weither I am or aren't... Getting a pregnancy test soon.


To Samie - March 20

A baby is no reason for two adults to be or stay together. If you can remain on a friendly or tolerating basis and work things out, that would be best for the child. If you decide that you will keep this child just remember it is his as much as yours and if he wants to be involved with the child regardless of how your relationship ends up being with him please be understanding. It is a scary thing sometimes. Not everyone handles it well. Funny enough I know someone going through a similar ordeal and one side hasn't been all that coopertive. It has made for a very stressful time. Good Luck to you.



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