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Lynn - June 23

I am 27 weeks and have gained 21 lbs to date, for the first 6 months I gained only 11 lbs and in the last five weeks I gained the last 9 1/2 lbs-Is this too much and why so much at this stage? I am not doing anything different and in fact am now swimming. Any advice greatly appreciated-TIA


monica - June 23

i have two more weeks to go!!!!! i have gained a total of 51 pounds so far. the last month my dr put me on some restrictions, maybe it can halp you, if you eat these things. i was eating a lot of breads (sandwiches, toast) not good, my only craving was corn, love it, dr said that when farmers want to fatten a pig up they give them corn (made me feel good, dr calling me a pig) no b___ter, subst_tute with lemon pepper, eat ground turkey instead of ground beef, no potatoes, nothing fried, only baked chicken, slim milk only, no sodas, no eating out and of course more fruits and veggies. (really hard) but think of it this way, its only for a little while, then you can go back to you usual habits. i gained so much wait because i was working during the day then school at night, i would get home at 9 pm eat, shower then go to bed. i finally finished school so now i can walk and eat better. i havent gained any weight in two weeks so i'm happy. do you excercise any? i started walking 30 minutes a day. this is the biggest i've ever been so its weird, i don't look like i've gained that much weight, and people say i dont look 9 months pregnant, i think most of it is in my b___st, they are huge, i don't like that either, but at least my baby wont starve. ha ha good luck and take care of yourself i've heard that vitamins (prenatal) make you want to eat more, not proven, i just heard that from some where.


Steph - June 23

I think a lot of weight gain has to do with obviously, your eating habits, and if you were underweight or overweight before you fell pregnant. During your last trimester I think the baby gains like a half a pound a week, or something like that. I would make sure that you are exercising regulary and eating correct portions and healthy type foods. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started out at 130lbs at 5'7 and was 181lbs three days before I had her. (I used pregnancy as a "eating" excuse) Hee hee. I won't do that this time around. It is my hope to only gain about 15-20lbs since I don't weigh 130 anymore!!!!


monica - June 23

this is another monica... I am 34 weeks. Your weight sounds good to me, I have gianed so far 24 lbs and what slowed down the weight gain was walking... I eat everything I want but just keep walking. When I was 20 weeks I had already gained 20 lbs and I was in shock ....


1st monica - June 23

i deffinitly used pregnancy as an excuse to eat what i wanted,- like steph- bad idea for me, i feel like a weeble wooble!!!!


Lynn - June 23

Monica....hello...so your walking has helped you out alot?..I had been walking then I said it is soo hot(south carolina) and the humidity was so bad so I stopped around the first of June....if I were to start back how much is appropriate? 30 mins a day everyday,everyother day or how? Also, if I gained alot this last month will I still gain some more next month or just a little like I had been doing all along? TIA


Heidi - June 23

I'm 23 wks and at 20 lbs. My midwife wasn't concerned at all but said it was 10 lbs more than what I should be at. I try not to eat as much junk food and get out walking a lot more. It's so hard though!


monica - June 23

yes the walking helped so much... over all it helped with my first I did no exercise and I had high blood pressure could barely walk... always tired. But this time around I have felt as though I had more energy. I walk on a treadmill most of the time because I am afraid to get over heated. I live in northern California so its never hot. But you might need to ask your doctor since where you live is humid. You dont want to get over heated.I would suggest going to the mall and just walking everyday for only 30 minuters... anything helps to keep the weight down. Eat healthy most of the time... but I love chocolate and hamburgers so I give in when I am craving it.


Heather - June 23

I am in 33 week and have gained 24lbs, mostly in my second trimester though now in the 3rd I am only gaining about 1/2lb a week sometimes nothing. Oh I eat whatever I want, and exercising only maybe 2x's a week. But I'm not a couch potato, I hardly get to watch any t.v. I'd like to have my weight stop so Im gonna start exercising and watching what I eat from here on out. I was 166 when I started-30pounds over my normal body weight! Yuck! Getting Married and going on a 2 week honeymoon where EVERYTHING was included was a huge factor all that laying around and eating and drinking and more drinking......Makes me sound like a slob! But I cant wait to go back to mexico. Anyone looking for a vacation after the baby... go to the AVENTURA SPA PALACE RESORT. You get waited on hand and foot. Its awesome there


. - June 25




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