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Sherri - July 8

I am 7wks. 3 days preg. I think I have gained 3 lbs. but, my jeans/shorts don't fit. I have to unbutton and unzip them and they still arn't confortable. Is this common so early. I have 2 other children 13&14. It was so long ago, I don't remember growing out of my clothes so early.


Jamie - July 8

I was out of my clothes in a heartbeat...then again, I've gained over 60 pounds total, and I still have 5 weeks left. Ugh.


Watch your weight - July 8

All I can say is watch your weight I gained over 50 lbs. with my first baby and it was hard to take off now I am 26 weeks along and counting!!!! But this time I am really watching my diet because I don't want to go through horrible process of losing all that weight and getting back into my clothes.


nelly - July 8

I was about 10 weeks (2nd preggy) and I was having to buy bigger pants and wear maternity tops.I have gained 37LBS so far and 2 weeks 3 days to go til induction.


KH - July 8

I was really bloated early on. Your waist expands also :)


April - July 8

I was starting to show around 2 months.... if I wore high-waisted jeans I probably would've been out of them. Thank God for low-rise.. haha. I haven't worn maternity jeans my whole pregnancy (I'm 39 weeks).. I just put on my low-rise (can't zip them since I've dropped though.. haha) with a belt and I'm good to go! I've only gained just over 20 pounds though. (which isn't too little for me.. my mom only gained 16 pounds with my sister, so I must be like her)


Audrea - July 9

I remember early on in the first two months my shorts and jeans became much tighter, not due to showing early, but because the walls of the intestines relax and slows everything down, which in turn causes a lot of bloating and makes your abdomen stick out further due to the relaxation of it all. Hope that makes sense. I am now 27 weeks and just became visibly pregnant to strangers about two weeks ago. If I tell anyone my due date they act as if they don't believe me because I look as if i am only 4-5 months pregnant and here I am going into my 7th month next week and third trimester. Yeah, can't wait.



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