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Y - July 19

Gaining weight seems unnatural after years of trying to loose it! I have gained a substantial amount (approx 7 lbs) and I am only 5 weeks pregnant. This is my first. Has anyone else had the same experience?


Melissa - July 17

Everyone is different. The average amount to gain is between 15-35 pounds. Me, I gained 60 with my first and 35 with my second. I did everything the same and gained different amounts. Just eat right and you will lose the weight after the baby is born. It will take time though. Just try to enjoy your pregnancy and know that the weight gain is temporary.


Danielle - July 19

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and have gained about 7 lbs too.


Ellen - July 19

I'm about 7 wks. pregnant and have gained 9 lbs.I go to the gym as well.It's quite scary.I don't want to balloon out.I guess it has a lot to do with my diet right?!


H - September 15

whoa. 7 pounds in a week? you're supposed to gain about 25-35 pounds in your pregnancy over all. go check with doctor, maybe you've got a litter.


Ursula - September 15

Get used to the weight gain. It's part of motherhood.


J - September 15

Melissa is right, evryone is different. This is my 1st and in my first 3 and a half months I lost 10 lbs because of my morning sickness! THEN.. I gained 55 lbs! I am having a large baby (around 9 lbs they guess) and the dr. says a lot of the weight is water weight too. Everyone gains differently and allocate the weight differently too.


April - September 15

dont feel bad. I have been paniked awaiting to see my doctor because I have gained almost 10 pounds and I am 8 weeks! yea thats right.. 10 pound sin 8 weeks! LOL!!!! Im a porker! But I know its gonna adventually come off... just hard to deal with when you are normally a small person.. I cant wait till I look pregnant and Not just fat... I hate the inbetween when people dont know whether you are pregnant or not so they are afraid to say something!!!


Gail - September 15

I'm 7 weeks and my weight has stayed the same so far but I'm bummed because I started my pregnancy a good 5-6 pounds more than I should have been. I am worried though because in the past few days I have had a voracious appet_te. In fact, I just polished off a super large sub! I exercise a lot so I am continuing to do so. That may help us gain too much, esp. if we're eating a good amount.


Daile - September 18

I've gained almost ten pounds since Aug. 23, five of which was in a single week!! The doctor is still saying I'm not pregnant, even tho I have almost every sign, and no period since July. I'm hoping the weight gain is because I am pregnant, otherwise I'm in trouble!


Farah - September 18

I am about the same - I am 10 weeks preg, and I have already gained 10 lbs. And I feel terribly tired too. Have no energy to work out or anything.


sabrina - October 8

i'm 21 weeks and i've gained 15pounds.


Enjoy - October 12

Dont worry about how much weight you gain, that baby growing inside of you is all that matters, as long as your dr isn't concerned about your weighed gain then you shouldn't be either, just enjoy the time you are in, the weight will eventually come off & even if it takes longer then you planned, look at the outcome you have from it all, a beautiful baby :)


M - October 12

Try not to stress yourself. It's par for the course. We all gain at different rates and at different amounts. With my first pregnancy, I had been seriously into the gym (weights and all) and I was in such good shape when I got pregnant with him. I had that six pack going on. I continued to eat fairly healthy and stay fairly active, and still gained 40 pounds. With my second pregnancy 5 years later, I no longer was in the gym, I ate whatever I saw, and I didn't get on the treadmill very much at all, not to mention that I had a bit of a pudgy waistline. Actually almost a spare tire. and again I gained 40 pounds. So it just goes to show, it depends on the woman. Logic would tell me I should have gained 20 with my 1st and 60 with my second. However, nature just takes it's course and pads your body how it sees fit! One bit of advice, buy some of that Palmer's Stretch mark lotion. It works!! I used it both times. The first time, I didn't use it on my hips, only my belly. and i got a couple on my hips. The second time I used it over the entire area and didn't get even one. Even my doctor was impressed! Good luck and don't worry. Take this time to treat yourself. You get a free pa__s to eat hot fudge sundaes!!


E - October 12

I am worried b/c I lost weight. I don't feel like I eat as much as I should but I just do not feel hungry. No cravings, nothing. I was 134 lbs at doctor 3 weeks ago and my scale says 130lb today. I am 16 weeks and feel like I should have gained more than 5 lbs by now. Feel okay about the weight gain b/c the opposite problem is a source of worry.


for E - October 20

I am at 14 weeks and lost weight as well. I started out about 20 lbs overweight so i thought i was going to be huge. I've lost 4 lbs total, a bit of up and down. but my husband, whose a fitness buff says it's because i'm eating healthier now, and smaller portions cuz eating too much makes me sick. I haven't even been exercising the last month from being too tired and busy. If the dr doesn't seem concerned about your weight gain, or lack of, just eat right and you'll be fine.


E - October 20

Thanks. I see the doc tomorrow. I was really counting on pregnancy as my time to pig out and overindulge in food. I was actually looking forward to it. It stinks to not have cravings.



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