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LYN - September 3

I am 5 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to be gaining weight by this time? I have been noticing more around my mid section. Is this normal or am I gaining too quick?


Sandy - September 2

I am 5'4" and 135 lbs. and when I had a baby my OB told me it is standard and preferred not to put on more than 35 lbs max. w/a pregnancy. I actually lost weight- only 3 lbs total through my first 8 wks. I ended up putting on 32 lbs. to be 164 lbs. at birth time and my baby was 7 lbs. 8 oz. and healthy. Knowing this, I would think putting on weight this early into your pregnancy is odd. Most woman don't know they are pregnant the first 5 weeks! The overall weight gain is what's important. You should consult your OB.


LYN - September 2

I am 5'4 and weigh 120lbs. I havent weighed myself lately, but peole have said they have noticed that I have gained weight. When I tell them I am pregnant they just say OOOHHH. They say they see it mostly in my "upper body" such as arms and bust. But I notice it mostly in my waste. Maybe Im just eating too much.


hyde - September 2

*smiles* u could be putting on weight becos of the food cravings u have, or that u r getting a whole lot hungrier than often - all common of pregnancy. Or that it might be the bloating that makes u feel n seem a little more fuller than usual.


LYN - September 3

The only food cravings I have... oddly enough are *healthy* I have been watching what I eat. Quant_tes are bigger... but am eating healthier than I was before I was pregnant. Started to really gain. I have noticed love handles and have people (brother) pointing it out. I have always been quite slim but now seem to have a few rolls!! I dont understand as I am not eating anything really fatening. Going for walks everyday, for at least 20 minutes! Working my way up to an hour.


Macy - September 3

I was extremely fit. You could see my ab muscles and everything before I got pregnant. I put on 25 lbs. w/the baby & you could definitely see love handles although I was still jogging & watching what I ate. I think this is standard. If you are really concerned about your weight gain ask your OB. Good luck!


LYN - September 3

Thanks Macy, havent been to the doctors yet but its one thing I will definately be asking! How did u lose that 25 pounds? Did u lose it quickly? I am or 'was' in fairly good shape.. not no more!



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