Weight Gain And Loss Opinions

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Selena - March 30

I am 14 weeks with my first pregnancy. I have gained about 8 pounds so far. I feel like I have gained too much - I have been told that first trmester you usually only gain 3 pounds or so. I am worried about gaining too much weight and that giving me huge stretch marks and me never being able to lose the weight afterward. What are your opinions on a diet (a healthy one, no starvation or cutting carbs out) and coming down to about 2000 calories per day. I am 5'5 and I have a small bone structure. I went to the gym pretty often (most days) before I was pregnant. I know that weight will come, I just don't want to gain too much. Your opinions please....


MichelleB - March 30

I've been told by my Dr. not to diet while you're pregnant. Just eat healthy. The recommended calories for a pregnant women each day is 2500. 8 pounds is not bad, every woman gains differently. Good Luck!


Jamie - March 31

Don't you dare diet! I'm 5 months, and have gained a total of 19 pounds. I'm 5'3, with a pre-pregnancy weight of 103...if you diet, you could harm your baby. You may be gaining extra weight because your baby is big, or because you were underweight to begin with.


Selena - March 31

I think that I have gained too much though. I don't want to have stretch marks because I gained too much weight or be an unhealthy high weight and have it somehow harm the baby. I know that now that I am in the second trimester that the weight gain is supposed to become more steady but at what rate am I supposed to be gaining weight now?


Lori - March 31

Selena~ I'm also 14 weeks and I have been eating like no other for the past two months. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and I had only gained 1 pound. My doctor said that the baby was taking most of the weight because it needs all that food I'm eating. Before I was pregnant, I would only eat 1 meal a day usually, but I know how unhealthy it can be to diet while pregnancy... I think my baby is happy going "More food mommy" . I'm eating a lot but all good foods! (with the occasional order of french fries at least once a week) :) Just try to eat right, walk if you can and give your baby the food it needs. The baby will tell you when it's hungry!


leslie - March 31

I am totally the opposite I weighted 123 pounds before getting pregnant and then I went all the way down to 103 and last time I went to the dr I weighted 106 they told me that it did not really matter bec..you gain pounds at the beggining of pregnancy or at the end...so maybe I am going to get very big on my last months..


teresa - March 31

Does anyone know how much the average weight gain is for being like 18-19 weeks? (normally)


tiffani - March 31

The best thing to do is to eat healthy and exercise. Instead of fries, have a baked potato, instead of a fried chicken sandwich, have a grilled chicken sandwich. Absolutely, positively DO NOT DIET. If you don't take in the necessary amount of nutrient rich food, your baby will be affected by this. If you choose healthy foods, all the weight you gain will be "all baby" and will be gone by the time your baby is 8 weeks. Stretch marks are a fact of life and a small sacrifice you have to make. Some women are genetically predisposed to them, and a lucky few get through pregnancy without any. What will be will be, but the best thing you can do for this baby is to nourish it and protect it with all you have. Good luck with your pregnancy. :o)



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