Weight Gain At 20 Weeks Is 10 Lbs Too Much

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Christy - August 23

Ok, today I go to the doctor. I'm 20 weeks along. My doctor says she's not gonna say anything about my weight...ok, to me that's saying something. I gained 7lbs. this month but only 3 lbs. during my last visits. To me, this doesn't seem so bad. 20 weeks along and 10 lbs., but yet it bothers me for some reason. What do you guys think?


Evy - August 23

I think you are lucky! I have gained 10 lbs and I am only in week 14. I weighed myself today at the doctors and said "what? I barely eat!" and the nurse's response was, "why? You should" like she didn't get it. I laughed and told her that apparently I was eating something but she did not at all seemed concerned about it. I think if in the end you have gained between 25 and 35 lbs then you are in excellent shape!


jena - August 23

10 pounds at 20 weeks? That's not much AT ALL! You are halfway through and should gain 25-35 by the end, so you are under. Are you sure that your doctor "won't say anything" because it's too little and not too much? Make him/her tell you the truth just so you know for sure that you are on track, because I really think you're doing great!


Julie - August 23

Not much at all I gained that by my 12 week visit. I have gained 28 so far and am 33 weeks doctor said this is good.


flor - August 23

Im going on my 19 week and so far Ive only gained 3-4pounds ..Im going to the doctor friday aug26 i'll see what he says


Raychel - August 23

I'm 20 weeks and I've gained 23 pounds. Dude it sucks. But I havent gained no more weight since my last visit, which was a month ago. SO...u tell me.


To Christy - August 24

Lol! No! You're doing just fine. Allow me to be jealous of you, when I tell you I put on 18lbs at 20 weeks! Don't worry about not putting on enough either. If you're eating healthily and you're Doctor isn't concerned about your weight, then you're fine. Wait until the last trimester! That's when the pounds really start to pile on, when you're baby starts getting fat and you're swelling up with water retention. Best of luck.


kl - August 24

i am 13 weeks and have gained 13 lbs...consider yourself lucky!


dani - August 24

I gained 17 pounds at 20 weeks. My dr says I'm 4 pounds over what she would like me at.


Christy - August 24

Thanks you guys! I hadn't really thought about my weight either way until the doctor made her little comment. The more I think about it, I'm not sure what she meant by it, but anyway, I've only had a taste for water and juice (no soda) and I have been eating more veggies. I guess that would explain a modest gain of 10 lbs. I guess she just thought 7 lbs. in one month was pushing it. Thanks again.


Denise - August 24

Thats great this is my second child and I already see tons of things different, but one large one is that I was 20 pounds heavier the first time now I am 10 weeks( no biggie) gained 4 pounds nad I swear its all b___bs! i hope I only gain 10 by 20 weeks but thats unrealistic for myself, good luck!



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