Weight Loss But Measuring Large Long But Please Read

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Me2 - May 2

Hello all. I have a question, more of a concern. I am currently a 22 weeks pregnant with number 4. During the whole pregnancy, I haven't gained any weight - as a matter of fact I've actually lost about 3-5 pounds! Last Monday I went to the doctor because for some reason I was going to the washroom every 15 minutes and my bladder was full each time. At first my midwife and I thought it was an UTI, but my urine came back clean. While on the fetal monitor we noticed that I was having a lot of braxton hicks so she checked my cervix which was fine and did an ultrasound because the baby would not stay in one place to pick up a heartbeat. She said the baby was "all feet" because all we where hearing was a lot of movement from the baby, lol. Anyway, the ultrasound detected a strong heart beat and we found out that the baby's head was pressing down on my bladder which was causing the frequent urination. That was a relief. Tnen she measured me with the tape and noticed that at 21 weeks I was measuring 24 weeks -not much of a big deal. She scheduled for me to come back and see her on that Friday. At that visit, she measured me again and I was measuring 32 weeks and I still haven't gained not a poind! She didn't seem too concerned that first of all, I was only 21 weeks and it grew 8 cm in four days. She sent me to take the glucose test because I freaked out. She also scheduled for me to come back in 2 weeks. I am going crazy between now and then. So many thoughts are going through my mind. She said it could be tumors (which were not found during my ultrasounds), gestational diabetes, or a number of things. PLEASE LADIES, GIVE ME YOUR ADVICE, OPINIONS, COMMENTS, ANYTHING! I need as much info as possible to get me through this next two weeks.


livdea - May 2

I've heard of a lot of women loosing weight in their pregnancy. My cousin actually lost 30 lbs and when she delivered, she weighed in at a whole 90 lbs!!! 22 weeks is stil pretty early, I didn't start putting weight on until week 26 and then I put a lot on! I'm sure you are probably fine, especially if they can't find any thing wrong. I wouldn't worry too much. Good luck!


Me2 - May 2

Thanks livdea. That is comforting to know that other women have lost weight and still delivered healthy babies. I am, however, still confused on how could I have lost weight and still measure 11 weeks bigger than I am?



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