Weird But Works Determining Gender

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tori205 - November 17

i know this will sound crazy ..i thought so too when i first heard but my husband and i have gotten 6 out of 6 correct including my own pregnancy...i had a beatiful baby boy in oct. anyways, you have to look into the right eye of the pregnant woman. make sure theres enough light to look into the eye. if the baby is a girl you will see a line from the pupil out into the iris(the color part of the eye) between 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock. if its a boy, no line. i know this sounds completely idiotic, but so far, we have been correct each time.


GiannaJ - November 17

WOW - cool! I love this kind of stuff - I can't wait to try it on my sister in law at her baby shower tomorrow! Have you ever done the necklace trick? You hold a gold or silver chain with a small pendant or diamond over the palm of any woman (after dipping it three times next to her hand) and if it swings in a line, it means boy, and if in a circle, girl. I have done it to every woman I know (even when I do not know how many children they have) and it predicts correctly EACH TIME! For example, my sister and law and husband were done having kids - they have four. I did the necklace thing to her hand one year ago and it did line, circle, circle, circle, AND THEN A LINE. She was like "yeah right" - then, a few months later, they found out she was pregnant. The ultra sound told her it was a girl, and then when she delivered, it was a BOY! My success rate is 100%.


another Karen - November 18

Well it's worth a try. My dh can't see any line so we've 4.5 months to find out. Funny thing is, when I read this I immediately thought "Oh I need to wait til later as it's not the right time", he straight away linked it to the position in the iris to look for the line. So is it "my" right eye or the eye on the right from another's perspective. Lol, here I am getting all technical about it.


R__ - November 19

haha well just for fun im going to try that necklace one since im out of the time frame for the other one and see if its right.



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