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amber - June 30

17 wks pregnant and I've this one weird dream that i was laying down on my back in bed...sudden..i trying to feel and touch my stomach...this one thing..dont know how to explain but this one thing..was moving all around my belly like a mouse chasing the i woke up...and the baby kicking or what...please explain someone!!!


Amy - June 30

It is normal to have all types of wierd dreams while pregnant my Gyn. told me to get ready for very vivid or wierd dreams.. Don't know why... It's wierd... I'm only 4 weeks 6 days pregnant and I had a dream I saw my future baby... It was so vivid that I woke up crying.. I was dreaming of walking in a store and walked up to a cart with a baby girl inside and noone was around her... When I walked up to the cart the little girl inside was like a beautiful baby angel with Blue eyes and blond curls Like my husband and she said Mama it's me Ava... Where have you been? Man and onlt the night before had I even thought about the name Ava... I really wanted to name my baby Ava if she was a girl but dearest hubby hates the name and now I feel a little wierd if it's a girl to name her something different....And I can't explain that!


P - June 30

You're going to have a lot more freakier dreams. I didn't know about the dream thing when I got pregnant and the dreams started and holy cow!! Some really vivid and upsetting dreams. My boyfriend was getting upset because I was always yelling at him in my dreams and when it finally stopped he started having dreams where I was yelling at him!! I though it was funny but him not so much. lol


jb - June 30

I have had really weird vivid dreams too, but not in a few weeks thankfully. I have probably been so tired I just dont remember my dreams. Anyways, maybe you did feel your baby moving around and it transferred into your dream. I dont think it is anything to worry about though. :o)


Lissi - July 1

Maybe you're just thinking about it a lot, because you should start feeling your baby move in the next few weeks. I had a dream that my husband had a key to my belly and he'd opened it when I was asleep to have a look at our baby. I was really angry, because he wouldn't give the key to me. I had to fight him for it. Anyway, I got the key and opened my belly (like it was a door!) and all I saw inside were dusty shelves. Funny how I don't think any of this is strange when I'm asleep, and it's only when I wake up that I realise it's nonsense.


ASA - July 1

That is weird. I heard it was normal too. Some hormonal thing? Anyway, the night before last I dreamt that my womb was a salad bowl and the baby was swimming around in it. I could see it and my belly was hard like a bowl, but I couldn't touch the baby! I had to wake up! By the way, I am 11 weeks.


Melissa - July 1

I know what you all mean, but this is driving me crazy! Ok, before I read this I really didn't know about the whole dream thing, but the other night I had some dream and I woke up balling my eyes out!! When I realized it was just a dream it was fine, but I totally forgot about it until now and can't remember what the dream was about!! I'm thinking so hard and can't remember!! UGHHH! I just want to remember it so I know if it was really vivid or not.. but I can't... oh well. =\


question - July 7

has anyone had dreams of babys or being pregnant before they knew they actualy were pregnant? LIke a premonition or something?


Lissi - July 7

I've had lots of weird dreams this week! I had one where I was in a kind of Indiana Jones movie and in order to reach the gold I had to kneel on a step and think pure thoughts, otherwise a knight in shing amour with an axe would chop my head off. I knelt on the step and there was an awful pause, then suddenly I heard this creepy organ music and I knew I'd failed and just managed to pull my head away before the axe came down! ....Then I dreamt that World War 2 was being fought at a party in my garden and we won, but at the end of it I was laughing joking with Hitler, which is weird, because he definitely would NOT be on my guest list!....Last night I had one like that scene in Alien. Something was pushing it's way out of my staomach and I was scared at first, but it turned out to be my baby's hand. It held onto my hand, and It was really comforting. The weird thing is, I feel like I have more of a bond with my baby today, because of that dream. :)



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