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anonymous - April 12

Anyone know if you can get your nipples pierced during pregnancy/anyone done it?


suomynona - April 12

i was wondering about getting another tattoo during pregnancy....kinda scary because of the needle but what do you think?


anonymous - April 12

I don't know if they would do that either . . . I guess I'll have to call around to find out if places in my area will do it while pregnant . . .


nicole - April 12

i want to get mine done too, but i dont see it as being too great of an idea u might interfere with something. it might prevent u from b___stfeeding properly if u plan to. i plan on it after im done b___stfeeding.


anonymous - April 12

I know a girl who'd had hers done before she was pregnant, and then she just took hers out to b___stfeed when it was time . . . that's part of what I'm confused on, if they'd heal fast enough to take them out to b___stfeed, too. I'm only 9 weeks now, though, so if I got them done soon, maybe they could heal quickly enough for me to take them out when it's time . . . I'll just need to call I guess.


nicole - April 12

i think like with any other "extreme" piercing it has to stay in a year before it can be out more than six hours without the threat of closing. and if u get it done now only to take it out to b___stfeed itll proble close up real quick. from the way i understood it b___stmilk is basically u and ur baby's medicine produced by ur body with all the nutrients and stuff. so if that gets in contact with the piercing hole itll proble close real quick. so its proble best to wait until after.


Jamie - April 12

My OB says that nipple piercing does not interfere with b___st feeding. I'd say talk to your doctor before you get any piercings or tattoos, though.


To jamie - April 12

Jamie, what about piercing while pregnant, or did your OB say just since they're already done, it's okay for b___stfeeding?


laurie - April 12

yeh..if there are any coplications with the healing or you get an infection it would be hard to b___stfeed..and i dont know about you but my nipples have doubled in size since getting pregnant..they are like fighter pilots saurely the hole might shrink or change after the birth as your nipples do?........i would wait until later really!


WHY - April 12

Why would you want to get your nipples pierced or a tattoo while your pregnant. I think the question here should be would there even be a shop that would do a tattoo on a pregnant women


To WHY - April 12

That is the question--IF it can be done while pregnant.


Leahp - April 12

Ouch!!! I heard that it hurts like hell alone!! I couldn't imagine during pregnancy when our nipples are highly sensitive, you may also want to consider having trouble b___st feeding. My mother is a nurse for post-partum and women who had their nipples pierced formed scar tissue that wouldn't allow milk to pa__s through!


d - April 12

my friend had her nipples pierced before she got pregnant and b___stfed ok. she did say that milk comes out ALL the holes, so the baby sometimes choked from getting to much at once. my personal opinion is if you don't already have them pierced, i would wait til after baby is born and you are done b___stfeeding if you're going to. just my opinion.


Foxy - April 12

Wouldn't that hurt like hell though?! My nipples are unbelievably sensitive and painful at the moment. It's the last thing I would want done. I've no idea if it's safe though. Sorry.


nhb - April 12

I have a pierced navel too, and that hurt a lot for me; others say it didn't hurt at all. My friends who have pierced their nipples say it was just a pinch and then a little sore for a week or less . . . nothing to it. I think it depends on the individual. It'll probably hurt me a lot when it's being done, but then it'll be WAY worth it later!


Lala - April 12

If you go to a qualified and clean and certified tattoo parlor, they will not do a tattoo or a piercing on a pregnant person. It is against health code because of the risk of infection. You would have to go to a place that didn't care about that stuff and I don't think I would want to get anything done at a place like that!


tiffani - April 12

Ouch! It's probably best to wait until after you've had the baby and discontinued b___stfeeding (if you choose to b___stfeed). I think the risk of infection is reason enough. Also, how annoying for the baby to be sucking on a nipple ring while trying to eat. What if the ring accidentally came off and was swallowed by the baby?



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