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WD - March 27

Hi everyone, I am feeling really unsure about if I am truly not pregnant. My last lmp started on 2/18. I am about 9 days late. Went to see my Gyn on the 20th. She did an urine test on me and examined me as well, and said I am not pregnant. and prescribed me Provera (to push the period out). Went to PCP the same day for other check up, after pcp found out that my gyn prescribed me Provera, he suggested an blood test to test for pregnancy. The result came back to be negative. As a result, I have started to take Provera on yesterday. But, these two days, I just keep feel like throwing up in the morning, and my nipple hurts a little when I touch it, but no tender br___t, going to the restroom a lot. I just have a feeling I might be pregnant. Should I continue taking the pill? Any one has the similar experience?? please help!


WD - March 27

Oh also, just temp myself with the bbt, it came to be 97.97...does it sound kinda high...I am so worried now.


mjvdec01 - March 27

I don't know anyone who has taken Provera, but, if you are that concerned then I would make another trip to the OB and ask for an ultrasound to make for certian. Be persistent and ask for exactly what you want. Make sure your OB knows and understands how upset and worried you are. It may also be a reaction to the drug? I don't know. Hopefully someone who has taken it will post for you as well. Good luck honey.


clindholm - March 27

Try posting in the "Problems Getting Pregnant" forum, some of the girls are familiar with the different meds and side effects.


WD - March 28

thanks everyone. I think it is most likely the side affect of the medication I am taken. I keep feel like throwing up on yesterday so took another pregnancy test, negative again. I guess I should relax more from now on, like the doctor said if we are too nervous, it might affect/reduce our chance from getting pregnant. Anyway, good luck to all of us that is ttc in the up coming month ^_^



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