What Quot Baby Dust Quot Really Is

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Lovely - July 18

I'm 30-31 weeks now (I keep losing track) and I have been posting here since I was about 7 weeks. I have endured some of our city's most record breaking weather, with both high humidity (complete with warnings) and torrential downpouring of rain. I have read on this site many times people wishing other people "Baby Dust". At first, I mistook this as a pleasant well-wishing for impending pregnancy. I now have discovered the TRUE meaning, and it's diabolical!! See, in this extreme heat, I have been dowsing my franken-br___ts and tremendous thights with baby powder and cornstarch after every bath or shower (to aviod starting a forrest fire between my legs from walking, and to aviod hot-water-bottle-shaped heat-rash marks on my stomach -from my franken br___ts) and have now discovered a fine layer of "DUST" on EVERYTHING in my bedroom! THIS is "Baby Dust".... so anyone wishing you 'baby dust' is wishing you a hot, sweaty, franken-BODIED summer, complete with heat rashes in areas that used to entice our men. Women, be warned of what "baby dust" REALLY is!!!!! =o)


Cora - July 18

lmao lovely, I needed that laugh first thing this morning....


tara - July 18

awww...you poor thing! I feel for you, and thanks for the warning. (BTW, very cute and funny)


Katharine - July 18

That is really funny. I am a week and a half from my due date and so worried that I'm going to have heat rash between my thighs when I go in to deliver! Ugh!!! But, I did get a sample of Huggies or Pampers powder lotion, that is a lotion that dries into powder. I went right out and bought some, so no baby dust here!


Lovely - July 19

BTW, I almost killed myself today on my "baby dust" when I almost slipped on my now powdered hard-wood floors. Go figure!


Lissi - July 19

LMAO! Not so much a blessing as a curse eh?


MJM - July 19

I hear you on this one. However I am only 15 weeks and we are having 101-107 temps here. No AC in my office because the area I live in feels that AC is a waste because it never get ALL that hot. Like I said I am only 15 weeks with #2 but The Breast thing I feel yah, I started in a 36 D before I was prego and already in a 38 F. So like i said I feel your pain!!!!


Lovely - July 20

=o 38 F!!!!! =o I wasn't awarethat even existed! Hats off to you for carrying THOSE around!!! lol!


Julz - July 20

HAHAHA......You poor thing!!! I can feel your pain, though. My b___sts are so swollen that you can't even see my pregnant belly underneath of them.


MJM - July 20

Yah it NOT a lovely thing!!! I work in an office and when I slide my chair up to the puter the TWINS tend to "rest" on my desk. LOL so that is some relief. I am not a very large person either so it is hard to find shirts and stuff to conceal them. I am 5' 7" I WAS 138 before Preg now and 155. I think all in the b___bs. I have had worse though. When I was engorged with milk from my first I was/did break out of an H (the H stands for Hella Big as my lovely hubby put it) All I have to say is all these woman that want bigger b___sts are crazy!!!!! I hate it!! Yes F's and up do exsist but you have to place a "special order" as the store put it. Gotta love that one



Baby dust...LOL! Adoptive parents wish baby dust on each other when we are looking to adopt... Thanks for the laugh :) Mom to one precious little girl through the miracle of adoption! Wishing for another open adoption! http://www.adoptionprayer.com



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