What About Diet Soday

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curious - November 18

My doctor tells me to stay away from too much sugar...but in the morning, my stomach is so upset and alittle sprite really helps...is it okay to drink diet soda during pregnancy?


Drank Sodas - November 18

I wouldn't see why not. Diet Sprite has no sugar or caffeine. My doctor never told me to stay away from sugar. Just caffeine. Are you diabetic, or do you have a health need to stay away from sugar? Why did your doc. tell you this?


Sara - November 18

Do you mean soda?


Cathy - November 18

Diet sprite has aspartame in it. It is not a healthy alternative even when not pregnant. From what I have heard splenda is a better choice. Diet rite has many flavors of sodas made with splenda, also no caffiene, and no sodium. That is what I do when I want a soda. Also, I don't see where a half gla__s of sprite to settle your tummy every once in a while would harm you. Unless of course your are diabetic.


Jamie - November 18

What is it about the Sprite that settles your stomache? If it's the bubbles, could you try seltzer water?


heather - November 18

I looked up aspertaine on the net and it says that its fine when your preggo and that in a day you never even realize that your consuming it anyways i wouldnt worry. just not a hole lot of it..


Cathy - November 18

There are several breakdown products from aspartame that are major causes for concern and have caused countless toxicity reactions in the general public (see 160+ pages of samples on my web page). The concern of aspartame ingestion during pregnancy is not limited to obvious birth defects, but changes or damage to certain areas of the brain. The potential damage includes parts of the brain involved in complex learning as well as hormonal control (e.g., hypothalamus). Problems resulting from this sort of damage would not be seen until after the child reaches puberty. Neuroscientist, Dr. Russell Blaylock discusses this in some detail in his book, "Excitotoxins."



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