What About Dreams

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Dreamer - December 2

This might be an extremely absurd question, but I recently heard that having strange dreams can be an indication of pregnancy. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this???


hi - December 2

That's how i found out i was pregnant.I tested 4days before my period was due and got a BFP.


Maybe - December 2

I had a really freaky dream a month before I met my child's father. I dreamed that I was trying to keep my baby from people taking it, in some dark woods. I wasn't even thinking about s_x, or men, or having babies at the time!


kerrri - December 2

Ive had really crazy dreams for two straight weeks. Ive entertained my co-workers with them. Im due for af sunday but hoping she doesnt show


Stephanie - December 3

Wait until you are halfway through your pregnancy. I'm due to be induced this Wednesday (past my due date obviously) and I've been having crazy dreams. I admit, s_x dreams....but with Molder from XFiles and that designer guy that's on Oprah somtimes. Yeah........I won't ask!


K - December 3

I've been having crazy dreams through my whole pregnancy, I'm 26 weeks now. I think I'd rather be having the s_x dreams ;)


Stephanie - December 3

Yeah, the s_x dreams are fun, that's for sure. Especially since my s_x life came to a screetching halt in the third trimester pretty much. I'm going to have her anyday now and s_x is just the last thing on my mind! Not that it's very comfortable right now anyway.


Shannon - December 3

The other day I had a dream about being in Cuba and 3 planes crashing in the field accross from our resort. One was black and 2 were white. The black on went nose first and the 2 white planes slid accross the ground. All the people in the white planes lived and the people in the black plane died. We were helping people out of the plane and there were dead bodies and stuff. I felt like I was actually there!!! It was insane!!! Very Vivid... just thought I'd share it cuz its still so clear in my mind. I am 16 weeks.


Fati - December 5

Yeah, the dreams are very vivid, I know i would feel everything like if it were truly happening. Like the s_x dreams... hehe =P



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